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Hyip Monitor
Openings. ViscoCorp (viscocorp.com) 1.5% for 150 days, CarInvestment (carinvestment.net) 128% after 1 day, SilverDigger (silverdigger.com) 2% daily,...

Openings. ViscoCorp (viscocorp.com) 1.5% for 150 days, CarInvestment (car-investment.net) 128% after 1 day, SilverDigger (silverdigger.com) 2% daily, TheCrocs (thecrocs.com) 105% after 3 days, Thomsonam (thomsonam.com) 0.5% “ 1.5% for 12 days , Fxsure (fxsure.com) 1.5% for 200 days, Inno-invest 1.8% for 30 days, Widetrade (widetrade.biz) 1.2% for 50 days, FundersCorporation (funderscorp.net) 2.3% for 90 days, ViscoCorp (viscocorp.com) 1.50% for 150 days, EnergyDevelopmentInvestmentCorporation (energydevelopmentinvestment.com) 2.1% for 90 days, ETDTechnology (etdtechnology.com) 23% for 5 days, Zorymoney (zorymoney.com) 105% - 110% after 1 day, BaxProfit (wex-invest.tk) 1.50% for 100 days.

The following programs were compared on ECJ: EuropeInv (europe-inv.net) vs. EarnHour (earnhour.com): Europe-inv wins in 3 categories while Earnhour wins in 2 categories only. Psgp (psgp.org) vs. ForexTradingTeam (forextradingteam.net): Psgp wins in 2 categories while Forextradingteam wins in 4 categories.

Be careful. FinanSima (finansima.com), stay careful with this program, it has pending withdrawals for quite a long period of time. AccessTomorrow (accesstomorrow.net) has released weird newsletter which is concerned the last casus in Egypt and its president. This only blackmailing, cause AccesTomorrow does not acually pay. Be careful.

Problems. InvestPlatforms (investplatforms.com) not only pays from time to time, but also replies on mails in the same manner. Its more likely that these problems are fatal and will ended up with closure. LandBankInvest (landbankinvest.com) is still online, but have troubles with pay-outs to LibertyReserve. If to be more exact, they simply do not pay to LR, but only to AlertPay. Maybe it is a problem, but at the same time, it can be a ruse as well. By paying on AlertPay, they only try to extend their paying status on not attentive and dishonest monitors.

CorpBayGroup (corpbaygroup.com) several days ago delayed pay-outs, but just in a couple of hours the dealy was eliminated and the payment transaction completed. AbleAssets (able-assets.com) is still trying to come back, but without any success. Firstly their site went down cause of Dragonaras troubles, now the site isnt working and we dont know the reason at all. Someone still believes that they will come back, but miricales happen very rare in the HYIP industry.

Events. OilCapital (oil-capital.com) celebrated a 375 day anniversary, the program had changed a lot since the opening, in the latest newsletter admin informed about the newest update which was a hosting and superb DDoS protection from Dragonara. Perfect Money (PM) was affected by some problems, because of technical issues which Dragonara faced. A huge list of programs informed its members with the special newsletters that all queued payments would be processed after the problem with PM would be solved: ReProFinance, SilverDigger (silverdigger.com), ExtraIncome (exincome.com), FxEconomy, FondosMayores (fondosmayores.net), ForexTradingTeam.

FondosMayores (fondosmayores.net) is now offering longer term plans with security agreements, where interest rates are negotiable, and so are the terms and timelines for the contracts. The contract can also provide asset protection that will help secure principal deposit. - as administrator states in the latest newsletter. ForexTradersPool (forextraderspool.com) notified everyone that the downtime was caused by the server migration that their server provider had done in order to protect and give the website better performance and protection. AeonSurf (aeonsurf.com) added a new surfing scheme, 10% for 14 days. i.e, 140% after 14 days. ExtraIncome (exincome.com) has over 4,500 members already, Alexa ranking of 50,246 and is 70 days online, while KlickWallet has reached now over 6,000 registered members just in 40 days.

Good News. Dragonara were inaccessible for a few hours which was a result of some technical issues. The problem was solved in a fast manner, but still some HYIPs and even Perfect Money went offline for a while. EcashBroker (ecashbroker.com) has paid pending withdrawals.

Closures. VanguardStar (vanguardstar.biz) has not paying status on many sources and is sure to be the scam. Forextgroup (forextgroup.com) didn't even grow roots, but already closed.

Emoney. INQInvestments has announced that they are now accepting payments via Solid Trust Pay.

Promises. The admin of KlickWallet said that the multi-language version of the site will be installed before the next newsletter arrives from him. Coming soon we will be doing some live conference calls so we all can meet and talk about plans and ideas. It will be a wonderful way for clients to interact with the administration team. - administration of FondosMayores (fondosmayores.net). ExtraIncome (exincome.com) has said that they will implement SSL-protection from Dragonara and open its own forum within the next few days.

Agents Reports (about): Not so long time ago on DTM forum there was an announcement which told about unsuccessful experience of investors, who started their investing not from working on it, but with depositing at once. If you do not finish your carreer of online investor in such a way, start with preparation and training. And sure thing do not forget about HYIPNews.com:

let me i know about this www.alphaforexservice.com site it is scam or not?because ill try to invest her for $10 will be $11 for first tym ill try to invest amount of $10 will be $11 they paid me first but the second time ill try to invest amount of $25 will be $27 then i try to deposit again worth $10 will be $11 BUT im just waiting for all most 3 days ago but they dont paid me yet im jsut worry about this i think i lost my money then they dont paid me again about may last withdawal....!!!

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