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Openings. CarInvestment (carinvestment.net) 128% after 1 day, EuropeInv (europeinv.net) 53% for 2 days, ProsperityCommerce (prosperitycommerce.com)...

Openings. CarInvestment (car-investment.net) 128% after 1 day, EuropeInv (europe-inv.net) 53% for 2 days, ProsperityCommerce (prosperitycommerce.com) 120% after 7 days, MoneyProinvest (moneyproinvest.com) 117% after 12 hours, SkyGroupTraders (skygrouptraders.com) 130% after 1 day, Electricinvestment, (electricinvestment.com) 112% after 1 day, 10k-USD (10k-usd.com) 112% after 1 day, AFATradingcompany (tradingcompanya.com) 2.5% after 1 day, IconBusinessMark (iconbusinessmark.com) 2% daily, TodayInvestCash (todayinvestcash.com) 110% after 1 day, PracoInvest (pracoinvest.com) 5% for 7 days, Stableyield (stable-yield.com) 0.30% daily for lifetime, FXPowerPro 1.8% for 30 days, PFMInvestments (pfm-investments.com) 132% after 120 days, Pure-Earning (pure-earning.com) 118% after 1 day, WorldInvests (worldinvests.com) 4.9% hourly for 24 hours, WipFX.com (wipfx.com) 2.2% for 100 days, Peininvestment (peinvestment.com) 200% after 1 day, USAForexTeam (usaforexteam.com) 127% after 1 day, GreenBackShares (greenbackshares.com) 1% daily, CarbonProfits (carbon-profits.com) 2% for 100 days, GainsCity (gains-city.com) 8.5% for 12 hours, VisoNews (visonews.com) 111% after 1 day, Goodmoneysafe (goodmoneysafe.com) 10% for 13 days, Ebankearn (ebankearn.com) 2% daily for 25 days, HighSpeedMoney (highspeedmoney.biz) 125% after 1 day, MMCInvest (mmcinvest.com) 1% daily for 140 days, StraitOnTrade 1.8% for 10 days.

The following programs were compared on ECJ: Rpw4 (rpw4.com) vs. NewYorkGoldIncome (ny-goldincome.com): Rpw4 wins in 2 categories while Ny-goldincome wins in 1 category only. LucrumFund (lucrumfund.com ) vs. KaleidoscopeInv (kaleidoscope-inv.com): Lucrumfund wins in 5 categories, while Kaleidoscope-inv does not win in any category. Fxness (fxness.com) vs. Corpbaygroup: Corpbaygroup wins in 3 categories, on the other hand Fxness does not win in any category.

Events. EuroWideTrade (eurowidetrade.com) the new plan on the period of 70 business days (together with a new design) has been added to previous plan. The administration of KlickWallet asks native speakers to watch mistakes and also to report about them. And meanwhile, the main admin of EliteAlliance (elitealliance.net) is away and can not answer a mountainous pile of mails received from users asking about the password restore, the latest newsletter from the program was concerned exactly this important moment. The admin of MidasGoldFund announced the six winners of Post Payout Proof Contest 5 winners from the forum won $50 and one winner from Facebook won $100. Another 20 people joined Safecapital and so contracts on the deal and backed by bank certificates were sent to them. LondonStockInvest (londonstockinvest.com), the Russian version of the site have been integrated, though as yet you can only send mails to support center on Russian. The intro video was updated and one more added by FondosMayores (fondosmayores.net).

Problems. Businex (businex.biz) was accused of delaying pay-outs after the first circle only. Several monitors reported about pending payouts from 144CashAds (144cashads.com), they already changed the status of the program. But despite that fact the admin keeps calm saying that all pay-outs will be completed.

Closures. After giving the go-around for a long time and exploiting kindness, Digger Fendy (diggerfendy.biz) was confirmed to be closed.

Emoney. Inqinvestments has added Solid Trust Pay as the payment option, now you can even credit account, but with commission fee of 2.5%. Another example is GorgonProjectInvest (gorgonprojectinvest.com), the admin of which has canceled 1% withdrawal fee which was charged for all types of withdrawals.

Bonuses and Contests. KlickWallet by investing via AlertPay you will get 10% as the bonus. Informal-Investors offers special 5% bonus for those who will deposit more than $250 and 10% accordingly for adding more than $750 to their deposits, the promotion is active till Mar 31.

Promises. Oscarfunds is currently adding some new useful additions, among them the payment processor Perfect Money, new design, security codes, available trading reports of the company.

Agents reports (about). Today our agents reported of two important facts which really worth your attention. The first one is related to a program named Magic-hourly which URL is magic-hourly.com. They have got a simple, but not a deterrent site and very attractive interest rates. Sure thing that is all only a lie. The confirmation is our readers experience: Magic-hourly is trying to scam me. I invested over $600. Yesternight I made a withdrawal request for about $600. I waited till I went to bed. I woke up in the morning to check but there was still no money in my LR account. I tried to log into my account but my account no longer exists. Can you do anything?

Well, we dont possess some crucial proves yet, statuses all over monitors show that it is paying program, but it is more likely that Magic-Hourly does not pay. Anyway, they are not the best option to multiply your capital.

Another reader warned visitors of our site about the dangers of ok-profit.com project, which has everything well on various monitors, but exactly the monitors option is not solid. The main part of them are automatical and the status can not reflect the true state of things. To follow this warn or not is your own business, but we do not consider it to be without any reasons. Here is the text of this warn: I have $4 in hyip plan on 30/01/2011 in www.ok-profit.com they are saying that your earning is $120 . when I made withdrawl request on 2/2/2011 of $45 and $75 on 3/2/2011 . they are saying that your penduing withdrawl has been cleared but till date it didn't come to my liberty reserve account . my Id amit6921 . This is a big Scam . they are collecting the money from public and swipe out from yhe market . ontact the administrator?

HYIP Blogs. A re-post of an article named Investing $10 000 in a HYIP, which tells about some common mistakes which investors do when they invest a large sum of money without diversification or amount that they can not offer.

As far as you can see the days after the lattest release of Informational Survey 27 brought us lots of useful and educating articles. This one is not an exception HYIP Affiliate Programs , How you can make money from HYIP ref commissions or How to Get more Referrals to build your dowline the article where the author tells us how we could easily collect referral commissions using the passion.'


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