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We decided to publish two articles in which we explain how to use our monitoring list. The thing is that you can find a lot of useful information on programs in it but not all our readers understand where to look to see it. This article is introductory and explains the main concepts of our monitoring services and our beliefs. Next time you will find out everything about those diagrams and charts which you can see in our HYIP-list.

Monitoring at HYIPNews.com is based on the principle of ranking. Programs in our catalog have relevant and checked statuses (which are determined automatically and checked manually). Their positions in the list are also not random but are based on their successes in the development and promotion. A free listing allows the program to join our catalog for free but does not allow reaching high positions without returning a large profit and without active promotion. A standard listing gives the program stronger positions and makes it possible to climb to the top of the list in a shorter period. A premium listing (positions 1-15) contains the programs that are time-tested.

The quality of operation of HYIP, investors’ testimonials and, of course, user ratings are important to us. The voting system at HYIPNews.com allows taking into account the evaluation of the visitors of the website. Positions in the catalog at HYIPNews.com are not for sale. We do not promote any programs and in case of negative reviews or reports of our agents a rating of a program decreases and this project changes its position in the list.

Because of our rating system and visual diagrams (which we will describe in the next article), any online investor receives an effective tool to search for investment options, which maximally matches his investment strategy. In our opinion, a high-quality, fast and INDEPENDENT monitoring is the basic requirement for such tool. HYIPNews.com has proved itself to be such a tool - a reliable and unbiased, fast and illustrative. Our work is verified by thousands of investors, many of whom have found their successful strategies and keep multiplying their funds with the help of high-yield online investing.

One of the areas of risk in HYIP industry is low-quality monitors which promote their programs or which are not relevant because do not keep track of the situation or lie on purpose. We understand that, therefore HYIPNews.com is not one of them and it remains one of the few truly independent and informative monitors. Thanks to our informational component we bear a proud title a "newspaper" and we offer investors a set of information sufficient enough to make considered and conscious decisions. Most of these decisions are no longer possible without visiting www.hyipnews.com

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