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If you are our regular reader, I’m sure you know about our desire to prevent investors from making deposits in unreliable programs. And I...

If you are our regular reader, I’m sure you know about our desire to prevent investors from making deposits in unreliable programs. And I believe that programs that copy other successful HYIPs are absolutely unreliable. All of you know a project called It was extremely popular and had lots of followers. When it stopped operating another project appeared. Its name was and it was almost the same as the original program. We warned all our readers about the dangers of investing in it (read here) and we hope those admins did not manage to fool lots of investors. Of course, this project has scammed a long time ago.

Another program that tried to attract investors’ attention with the help of a famous name is It had similar to Cherry Shares’ logo, however claimed to be engaged in oil business (just like super popular at that time As you have already figured, BerryShares is also no longer online (read this story here). Another example is which copied almost everything from a popular program that does not operate anymore and called (read our article here). However, be careful! is a scam program which is still online!

Many low-quality HYIPs use other programs' logos, investment plans, texts, legends, ideas, etc. They do that because they want to use the success of popular HYIPs and to attract inexperienced investors. For example, right now you can see online a program called which is an absolute clone of a more successful HYIP called If you visit the websites of these two projects, you will see what I’m talking about. We have contacted the admins of both programs and we believe you should also know about their comments. Lionfunds: “It's a fake. We don't has any relations with that morons”. Thecrocs: “Actually, in the available hyips fields, have a lot of site is in the same templates make, maybe we use template as, but we had different interest and structure. Hope my answer to be helped somewhat to you, thank you!”. Make your own conclusions.

We have even more examples of such HYIPs. A currently operating program called is a copy of which is already offline. Another example is If you go to the website of this project, you will see many icons of reviews and interviews which should supposedly lead to those blogs which names are on the icons. However, if you click on them you will not leave the website because they are all fake. The thing is that these icons were actually on a different project the appearance of which FlagEuro has stolen. And those icons actually led to reviews and interviews but not to FlagEuro’s and not on its website!

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