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Hyip Monitor
Openings. INQ Investments 0.8% for 90 days, WallStreetCompany 0.8% for 3 days, Agromatica (agromatica.biz) 0.5% for 15 days, ForexTradingTeam 2% for...

Openings. INQ Investments 0.8% for 90 days, WallStreetCompany 0.8% for 3 days, Agromatica (agromatica.biz) 0.5% for 15 days, ForexTradingTeam 2% for 200 days, IFunds 1% for 30 days, CondorAssetGroup (condorassetgroup.com) 0.2% daily for lifetime, GaiaProfitClub (gaiaprofitclub.com) 9.27% for 12 hours, InterestWay (interestway.com) 115% after 1 day, ColorfulFunds (colorfulfunds.com) 120% after 1 day, Getprofitday (getprofitday.com) 10% for 14 days, ForexStability (forex-stability.com) 3% for 30 days, Myhotcash (myhotcash.com) 26% after 5 days, FXopportunity (fx-opportunity.com) 1.65% for 20 days, Wolksfund.com (wolksfund.com) 125% after 1 day, IncomeLogic (incomelogic.net) 2.0% for

30 days, Fundmoneypro (fundmoneypro.com) 25% for 5 days, AssetsGainCorp (assetsgaincorp.com) 12% for 10 days, Int112 (int112.com) 112% after 1 day, Nice-Cash (nice-cash.com) 132% after 1 day, Jsbcfund (jsbcfund.com) 1.7% for 250 days, Investpanama (investpanama.biz) 0.6% for 30 days, Lantacommerce (lantacommerce.com) 1.9% for 80 days, EurasianMarketTrends (eurasianmarkettrends.com) 23% for 5 days, NatureTrade (naturetrade.biz) 130% after 1 day, CityInvestmentCorp (city-investment-corp.com) 1.5% for 30 days, ConstantFinance.net (constantfinance.net) 105% after 1 day.

The following programs were compared on ECJ: YourBank (yourbank.biz) vs. FastGain (fast-gain.net): Yourbank wins in 4 categories whereas Fast-gain does not win in any category. MagicHourly (magic-hourly.com) vs. WorldInvests (worldinvests.com): Magic-hourly wins in three categories while Worldinvests wins in one category only. EurasiaTrade (eurasiatrade.biz) vs. ClosedEndFunds (closedendfunds.eu): Eurasiatrade and Closedendfunds win in 3 categories each.

Events. The admin of GreenBackShares (greenbackshares.com) answered on numerous questions during a live-chat session which was held on a well-known HYIP blog. Some clarification issues as for the instant withdrawals were given in the latest newsletter from GorgonProjectInvest (gorgonprojectinvest.com). The administration of Oscarfunds has published trading reports, which is not so often can be met in the industry, be quick to have a look at them, cause just in two weeks theyll be removed from the site. If you didnt have enough time to register on seminars which had been conducted in Nigeria from SafeDepositary. Now you have a chance to visit them, cause seminars in four Nigerian cities have been postponed. For more information please contact the administration of the program.

Escalivas (escaliva.com) admin was interviewed this week. FxCambier is now serving around 2000 people across the glob after more than 80 days being online. To assure investors that the program really trades on forex, the administration offers to trade under anxious investors name by opening a managed forex account. A well-known TopearnMoney project has updated a list of investment plans, for more detailed info, please feel free to visit their website.

Problems. A few investors have informed us about the payments delays from CorpBayGroup (corpbaygroup.com). The information had not been precised at the moment the Survey was published.

Be careful. Be careful not to invest in two well-known scam projects, which a couple of months ago had started to pay selectively and now were reported to stop paying at all. They are EzProfit (ez-profit.net) and YesInvestment (yes-investment.com). 144CashAds (144CashAds.com) had several pending pay-outs for a long period of time and was already moved to Problem status on many monitors. It is sad, but SafeCapital (safecapital.biz) also has stopped paying to its investors. InvestPlatforms (investplatforms.com) continues to accept deposits in spite of the fact that the program pays selectively.

Closures. Lots of updates, promotions and bonuses from KlickWallet (klickwallet.com) were followed by closure. Only those investors who have invested via AlertPay still have a chance to withdraw. New-today (new-today.org) was also reported to be the scam. Prosperitycommerces (prosperitycommerce.com) site is currently offline and bet it wont be back online. CXZCO (cxzco.com) is not paying for extended period of time and is considered to be closed.

Bonuses and Contests. The fans of GorgonProjectInvest (gorgonprojectinvest.com) are invited to win one of three $25 prize during the up-coming live-chat (Thursday 24th February at 21.00GMT) which will take place on a famous HYIP blog. The details of FxCambier newest contest taken from the latest newsletter: You should send your opinion about FxCambier.com services in our Facebook, twitter (You can find them in our website) or our topic in HyrexTalk.net forum . The best 3 testimonials will get $80 bonus in starter plan. You dont need to praise us only but just a fair comment will be sufficient to be a candidate. Also, please dont write an article. You have one week to participate starting from Monday 21st Feb 2011. Winners will be announced in the next general update newsletter. Winners are chosen by lucky draw to give equal chance to all. Investpanama (investpanama.biz) - The site has just been launched, but it already offers $100 sign up bonus for first 5000 members.

Promises. Oscarfunds has promised soon to present instant withdrawals and Perfect Money as another choice of payment processors, also they think of adding Bank Wire and Payoneer Debit MasterCard as the new options. And that is not the whole list of updates. except for that...I only gave you 2 out of 50+ updates that you will expect in V2. A complete overhaul in terms of design wise, functionality, security (Your account will have security features to make it safer) such as input a generated number you receive by email every time you request a withdrawal or instant email notifications, and a lot more.

HYIP Blogs. HBI has published an article where the author critiizes and disappoints investors of the most popular and lucrative short-term HYIP FutureTrail (futuretrails.com) by saying that it is actually the scam with a typical strategy. As a prove he states that some of his subscribers have already contacted him to report a warning about selective payout. The author calls this strategy (it often happens that a HYIP do not pay selected big investors in order to keep paying the big crowd of small investors) the classic strategy of HYIPs. Read more here.

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