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If you havent read the article called Instant and Manual Payments Pros & Cons which was published on Monday ( here ), read it please. And now I...

If you havent read the article called Instant and Manual Payments Pros & Cons which was published on Monday (here), read it please. And now I continue that article.

Im sure some of you have been in the situation when you lost your money in some HYIP because its admin informed that programs account was hacked and all funds were stolen. Of course, admins often make this story up but it might well be true in some cases because it is very easy for hackers to steal money by just one mouse click. Therefore it is very important to check all technical characteristics of a HYIP before making a deposit. A reliable HYIP must use a reliable hosting, SSL protection and licensed script. The licensed GoldCoders script is one of the most famous ones in the HYIP world. If a program provides all these security features, it is a good reason for you to choose it.

Another disadvantage of instant payouts is the fact that it is much more difficult for an admin to control the funds. All withdrawal requests are processed instantly and require the continued availability of funds. However, we all know that sometimes cash flow does not constantly increase and there might be no funds to pay out if HYIP does not have extra funds for such cases. This may cause panic and inexperienced investors might simply destroy the project by posting warnings right away. However, they should realize that they are losing their own money in such way and it is better to wait for a while before issuing warnings everywhere.

The same situation will have a different development in case with a HYIP that pays manually. If some big investor requests money and there are no enough funds in the project, an admin can simply wait for a while and pay this investor when he receives new funds. For example, we sometimes receive emails from investors who did not receive large amounts. Then we contact admins, they explain that there is probably some technical problem and they will resolve this issue as soon as possible (of course we are talking about responsible admins). And then a couple of days later a payment is received because an admin got new funds. There is no panic and a project keeps operating. Of course, it does not refer to short-term HYIPs which have to pay instantly due to the specifics of their work.

Well, there are some pros and cons of both instant and manual payments, but in general I hope you understood that instant payouts are not necessarily better then the manual ones. Of course, it is up to you to choose which ones you prefer and we would really appreciate it if you express your opinion in the comments to this article. I wish you successful investing!

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