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Hyip Monitor

This is the second article about our monitoring at HYIPNews.com. Please, read the first one here.

In our catalog and on the pages of programs we use two types of graphs. One highlights the latest payouts and distribution of shares of these payouts in the current investment cycle. The other one shows the result of the return from HYIP over the entire period of investment. We, as a monitor, reinvest the initial deposit in HYIP up until this HYIP is closed. Therefore, a diagram that shows a return within a current investment cycle helps evaluate the efficiency within the period of a particular plan.

The horizontal axis on this chart displays the dates of payments. Each column on this chart has three zones. The green zone is our approximate deposit amount. The blue zone is the profit accrued on this deposit. Orange shows the approximate amount of payment. Each column corresponds to one payment. And each column shows the corresponding changes in the distribution of shares. A profit zone grows with each payment. Thus, any investor can immediately evaluate the attractiveness of a HYIP and its overall impact without going into precise calculations and detailed analysis of a program.

If a program is a short-term one and the term of each plan implies paying 100% of deposit + profit, then on the current investment cycle chart you will see these 100% + profit as one payment. However, we reinvest a deposit, meaning invest it back. If the program makes 10 payouts with 103% return, then it will pay 3% of pure profit (blue zone column, i.e. profit) each time. However, as a result we will get only 30% of pure profit out of our 100% deposit. Meaning, in case this HYIP stops operating, the pure loss will be 70% of our deposit. And that’s why there is a second diagram, which is called “Lifetime Performance”. It displays the total investment result in this project.

Green zone on Lifetime Performance diagram is our deposit. At first, this diagram looks like a green circle with no return. Each payment adds the orange zone which is income. When the orange zone is the same size as the zone of deposit – the return is approximately 100%. Since then, the program starts bringing pure profit and you can clearly see it with the help of our diagram. A program that brings pure profit has a blue zone on a Lifetime Performance diagram. A blue zone means pure profit.

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