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Inno Invest ( monitoring on HYIPNews since 02122001 and right now we would like to publish a short review about this new program....

Inno Invest ( monitoring on HYIPNews since 02-12-2001 and right now we would like to publish a short review about this new program. Inno Invest financing the most promising innovative startups. Which is really popular among the other programs these days. Inno Invest have created it's domain name on 11th of July 2011. There are only two news articles on the site dated on 2011/02/10 and 2011/02/22 the information about the company's activity is quite dim. There are no separate section where the reader could see the information about where the money goes after the investment. Anyway we hope the the administration will fix this small mistake.

Investment Plans. Inno Invest has only one investment plan. You make investments at their site and receive daily earnings on your account balance which can be withdrawn at any moment. The amount of your investment has no time limits, but the amount of daily earnings depends on a stage. There are 5 stages in Inno Invest project: 0-30 days, 31-80, 81-150, 151-250 and more than 250. Thus, the longer your investment works, the more are your daily earnings. You can also withdraw your investments, but in this case the fee which also depends on the investment stage is held. The deposit is termless, but your daily earnings depend on the stage. E.g.: you've invested 100$. First 30 days you'll be earning 1,8% daily - 1.8$ on your account balance. Then you go to the stage B and start earing 2%(2$) daily. Starting from 81st day - 2.2% daily and so on and so force. Deposit will be working until you withdraw it. You can withdraw your deposit on any moment but you will be fined (the fee also depends on the stage).

Referral Program. Inno Invest have referral commission bonus which is 5%. You can find reflink and banners for your referrals in "Referrals" section of your account. Please do not forget that the referral program is one of the way to earn.

Payment Options. You can cooperate with Inno Invest with the help of such e-currencies: LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and AlertPay. As we can see it is a quite standard assortment.

General Website Features. First of all let's take a look at the design, it is really simple and the information on the site is not full. Anyway, if to consider that this site is really new then we may suppose that during it's existence it will be filled up with the useful information. The LiveChat is offline most the time. Anyway Inno Invest has one great feature – the compounding option. Compounding is the sum, reinvested from your earnings. To use it, you need to go to "Current deposits" section of your account and enter the necessary percent in the field "Compouding". The sum of the daily reinvestment will depend on the percent entered by you. For example you have invested $100. Your daily earnings make 1.8 % a day - $1.8. If you have set compounding on 50 %, $0.9 will be added to the balance of your account every day and the amount of your active deposit will also increase by $0.9.

Security Features. Inno Invest has really not bad SSL protection the issuer is Comodo Group. The DDoS protection by Staminus Communications. Location of server US CA Fullerton, 92832 502 S. Harbor Blvd.

Contact Methods. Email: Phone: +1-512-600-0509
Address: Panama, Winston,
Churchill-Mar del Sur 7A

Inno Invest company is officially registered in republic Panama. As it is written on the FAQ section, there is a virtual office.

We hope that such a rare thing as one plan in one program will bring only good result, as for me such strategy will make of a usual investor quite loyal costumer. Anyway it is written on the site that you can withdraw anytime, but why to withdraw if you can earn more while the money in. Let's hope for the best!

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