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The website of a program GreenBackShares ( is gone which caused some panic among investors of this program. The thing that a very...

The website of a program GreenBackShares ( is gone which caused some panic among investors of this program. The thing that a very strange decision has been recently made by the admin of this promising HYIP whose name is Jeremy. He decided to close his project for two weeks and then come back. The reasons for such decision are explained in the latest newsletter sent out by Jeremy.

Apparently, there have been some hacking attempts against GreenBackShares and LibertyReserve account has been emptied by swindlers. The admin sees the problem of this situation in a low-quality GoldCoders script, claiming that this company is incapable of protecting HYIPs on a decent level. Considering the current situation, he decided to install a new script and upgrade a level of protection at so that there won’t be any problems like this one in the future.

This process of upgrading a security level will take approximately two weeks, according to Jeremy. And the website will be offline during this time. He assures that the holders of AlertPay, SolidTrustPay and PerfectMoney should not worry because the profit will still be regularly paid while those investors who made deposits via LibertyReserve must wait for a couple of days:

“As our Liberty Reserve accounts have been sucked dry, we will resume payment of LR dividends in 2-3 days time, after our LR funding request gets filled.”

Well, the whole situation is strange and it is even impossible to say for sure what is going to happen. We have actively communicated with the admin of GreenBackShares and we know that he had great plans for his project. He still answers all emails and we need your help to figure out whether Jeremy really pays everyone as he had promised. Please, help us and other investors and post your payment proofs in the comments to this news.

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