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Reviewed period: 03/04/2011 - 03/08/2011

The review contains about 32 sources, including agents from HYIPNews.com Agency

Just launched or mentioned in a review/interview projects:

FirstMonetaryFund 1.1% for 15 days

BestProfitInv (bestprofitinv.com) 106% after 1 day

Asiafxtrades (asiafxtrades.com) 10% weekly for 10 months

NEOProgress (neoprogress.com) 1.5% for 100 days

PleasureFunds (pleasurefunds.com) 6% for 20 days

UltimateFXProfit (ultimatefxprofit.com) 5.5% for 24 hours

HighWinner (highwinner.com) 2.3% for 30 days

WesternFund (western-fund.com) 5.5% for 24 hours

The following programs were compared on ECJ: Forex4Profits vs. FlagEuro (flageuro.com): Forex4profits wins in 1 category only while Flageuro wins in 5 categories. ViscoCorp (viscocorp.com) vs. LantaCommerce (lantacommerce.com): both investment programs are equal when Viscocorp and Lantacommerce win in 3 categories each.

Events. DenXon (denxon.com) in the first newsletter introduced the program, announced the conditions of the plans and how to become an investor. ExoticFX added a new room to a live support area - EFX Traders Society. Also two charts were added to the website. ForexTradingTeam moved to BlockDos hosting in order to possess a much tougher anti-DDoS protection after recent series of DDos attacks on HYIPs. Among positive news from the program is established partnership with Instaforex (brokerage company). DenXon (denxon.com) installed SSL-encryption. MidasGoldFunds website moved into a new and improved DDOS protection filter. DenXon (denxon.com) after first five days online has now a total member of 459 and deposit of $12,830. Agromatica asks members for suggestions and offers as for their project. After maintenance on server AsiaMultiCash (pro-fx.biz) has now a new domain name, updated DDos protection and has fixed bug script. FxPowerPro released a video review. INQSecurities will give 2% of all deposits to "Global Giving" endowment.

Problems. ECashBroker (ecashbroker.com) is reported to have pending pay-outs.

Be careful. EasyCashFund (easycashfund.com) stopped paying and went offline 99% that it would not come back. FondosMayores (fondosmayores.net) sent not so ordinary newsletter where they ask to send some personal data in case you lost your password (...identification papers, passport, utility bills ...). A kind of a strange way to restore your password to your account. So if you really havent forgotten your password, in any case do not give any personal information to strangers. There are also some warning about fake payouts at Vaneax , but this information is not confirmed yet.

Good News. CorpBayGroup is back to normal pay-outs charging mode after having several pending.

Closures. FxEconomy (fxeconomy.com) had not been paying for a long time and went offline. ProfiTaste (profitaste.com) has collapsed. Escaliva (escaliva.com) also collapsed.

E-money. ForexTradingTeam added SolidTrustPay and GlobalDigitalPay. Walwex added AlertPay.

HYIP Blogs. An interesting article on HBI which is dedicated to a topic which is always actual while dealing with HYIPs - DDos-protection: What is DDOS for your HYIPs ? . What is an appropriate level of DDOS protection? What do you need to know about DDOS attack protection? Why is this so important ? How a DDOS attack works ? Everything is there.

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