Updated: 03/08/2011 12:38
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Just recently we informed you about the admin of CarInvestment sending out emails asking to create API . Today we have received an email from our...

Just recently we informed you about the admin of Car-Investment sending out emails asking to create API. Today we have received an email from our reader who informs that the admin of a recently scammed program called Escaliva ( is also sending out emails to investors of the program asking to create API by following his instruction if they want to receive their pending withdrawals instantly. The admin says:

“Note: This email is for members who have pending withdrawals. If you still receive payments from us instantly, please ignore this email.”

Such a note is an interesting innovation in emails of a “create API” kind. There is no one who would ignore this email because no one receives payments due to the program being scam. However, some investors might think there are some who actually receive. By the way this email was posted in full yesterday on our forum by our reader maildude33 and you can see it here (This link used to lead to a forum, it is no longer relevant). I remind you again, never follow the given instructions!

Well, the situation with Escaliva is clear but today we have also received warnings regarding a program called Vaneax ( from some of our readers:

“Vaneax scamming: sending fake LR payment, no answering email, no refunding investment.” and another one: “I would like to inform you that vaneax is already scam,please check my withdrawal history and you will see that the withdrawals of March ,5 and 6 have been processed without batch numbers (I did not receive it to my LR account)”.

If you have the same problems with Vaneax, please inform us in the comments to this news or via email.

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