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Hyip Monitor

Reviewed period: 03/08/2011 - 03/11/2011

The review contains about 32 sources, including agents from HYIPNews.com Agency

Just launched or mentioned in a review/interview projects:

  • SparkMetals (sparkmetals.com) 2.5% daily for 120 days
  • FundOfProfit (fundofprofit.com) 5.6% for 24 hours
  • 1AUTOPAY 1-7% daily
  • FixedMonthlyIncome (fmincome.com) 10% per month
  • MidasGoldFund 1.7% for 30 days
  • NEO Progress 1.5-2.8% daily
  • Bestprofitinv (bestprofitinv.com) 129% after 1 day
  • FreshStartInvest (freshstartinvest.com) 130% after 1 day
  • TroyCash (troycash.net) 1.4% for 140 days
  • Architectonic-inv (architectonic-inv.com) 2% for 50 days
  • Kafund (kafund.com) 1.5%-1.8% for 90 days
  • Betlux (betlux.biz) 1.6% for 100 days
  • Thomson AM 0.5-3% daily
  • Ytigroup (ytigroup.com) 1.75% for 80 days
  • Perfectemoney (perfectemoney.com) 1.2% for 30 days
  • Oiltreasure (oiltreasure.com) 3.5% for 35 days
  • FxGran 17-23% daily
  • ClarintonTrading (clarintontrading.com) 1% for 3 days
  • RockInvestDay (rockinvestday.com) 120% after 1 day
  • Moneyprogroup (moneyprogroup.com) 22.5% for 6 days
  • Welton Trust 1-1.35% daily

The following programs were compared on ECJ: GainsCity (gains-city.com) vs. PremiumSecurities (premium-securities.com): Gains-city wins in 1 category only which is the referral commission category whereas Premium-securities wins in 4 categories. InvestPanama (investpanama.biz) vs. HakunamatataInvestment (hakunamatatainv.com): Investpanama wins in three categories while Hakunamatatainv does not win in any category. GoldsFinance (golds-finance.com) vs. InterestWay (interestway.com): Golds-finance wins in four categories whereas Interestway wins in two categories. UCapital (ucapital.tv) vs. Denxon (denxon.com): Ucapital and Denxon are equal since both investment programs win in 3 categories each.

Events. The team of ExoticFx is currently working on modifying Top 20 Traders page: We have to finalize modifications to the scroller and then the page will be accessible from the website., and meanwhile asks to support the program by voting at MaxiVote feature, which you may access directly on the site. Except for that, ExoticFx recommends to bookmark their blog to automatically receive all posts in your email and to be able to contact Support team at any time. GainBucks (gainbucks.com) launched a new plan with a total return of 900% / $500...

if you feel you have a question that deserves to be included in the upcoming LIVE Interview, please either submit it from within your Members Area or send it by Email (interview@elitealliance.net). The easiest way is to simply click the Ask Admin link on the left to submit your question., - taken from the newest newsletter from the admin of EliteAlliance (elitealliance.net). Silverdiggers (silverdigger.com) admin was hacked. According to his story, someone had changed his original LR account number and as the result during the whole last week investors deposited hackers account. Now the admin feels sorry and his next move is to change a script to more secured. InvestPanama (investpanama.biz) has reached 2000 members mark.

After 9 days online DenXon (denxon.com) reached a member base of 1980 with $29,890 investment and paid to members $8,620 in total as returns of investment and referral commission. The admin asks to support the program by posting payments proofs on forums. ExoticFx gives wise advices as for forex currency market almost in each newsletters, we advice to subscribe. Hot news from ForexTradingTeam: website had experienced slight downtime due to our hosting provider network issues. Also, at this moment we are under massive DDOS attack.

Problems. GreenBackShares (greenbackshares.com) soon after facing the problems with handling LR pay-outs, there has been an attempt to hack AlertPay account of the program. And that is not all ¦ Dragonara decided all of a sudden, without any warning, that they no longer want to host our DNS servers and our site was just not working. thats why it was decided to move to BlockDDos hosting with the new website. According to reports from our agents, after been over a year in the industry, FutureTrails (futuretrails.com) started to pay selectively.

Good News. ExoticFx has successfully overcome two separate DDos-attacks on the site by modifying DDoS protection on Dragonara, and so now it is available everywhere in the world. All pending withdrawals from GreenBackShares (greenbackshares.com) were paid. Also the admin promised to bring back the site on a custom-build engine on the next week.

Promises. Some promises from the admin of EliteAlliance (elitealliance.net): we are adding a new feature “ Live Conference. It will let Members stay in touch and communicate by voice, video and instant messaging chat. The website will soon be updated to include new links to our Conference Room, Private Forum and several others. The Open Poll will soon be closed, as about 60% of members has already expressed their views... I have just received a list of Pending Withdrawal Requests and will have them completed within an hour or so. The admin of DenXon (denxon.com) is working on addition of a new short-term plan.

Closures. Unfortunately, two projects were closed none of investors even reached the break-even point - SilverDigger (silverdigger.com) and Vaneax (vaneax.com). FXOpportunity (fxopportunity) appeared to be the scam just before the first cycle was about to end up.

Bonuses and contests. Those who had had an account on MidasGoldFund and actively participated in live-chat with the admin of the program were rewarded with a $25 deposit bonus to their accounts. Each Tuesday all investors of FxPowerPro who deposit $40 and more will get 10% bonus on their accounts.

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