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The end of a story of InvestPlatforms (investplatforms.com) is sad. Even though it used to be a great program with a nice and helping admin, every...

The end of a story of InvestPlatforms (investplatforms.com) is sad. Even though it used to be a great program with a nice and helping admin, every story has to come to an end sooner or later. It has been struggling to survive but there are too many problems and you have probably noticed that we completely removed it from our catalog. If you want to find out about the development of the situation, you are welcome to read our latest news about this project (here and here)

The administration does not reply to emails, does not pay all members (paying selectively) and has many negative statuses on monitors. However, it is still around and surprisingly has recently posted a message to investors on Talkgold (I checked other HYI forums and could not find it anywhere else):

“We are still around but we have some more issues currently. As we are changing management board, our security was breached and our ecurrency is stolen…We are re-funding our stolen LR and changing a new LR account to facilitate payments. Please bear with us. Support mail was tampered with which was the reason we couldn't log in till now! The hacker did not want us to see transfers made to and from our LR.”

And there is also a news update on the website with a screenshot showing that almost $60,000 (!) has been stolen from their LR account. Well, the story about stolen funds is fascinating and even if it is true, it is still strange why they would keep all that money on their account and not trade with it like they were supposed to if their legend is true. They also ask investors not to panic and give them some time. I think investors have waited long enough to understand they are not getting anything. Anyway, there are more questions than answers and it is too sad the story is over but even if InvestPlatforms comes back, it can not be considered reliable anymore. And we can say the same about all programs that start having problems.

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