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Reviewed period: 03/15/2011 - 03/17/2011
The review contains about 28 sources, including agents from HYIPNews.com Agency

Just launched or mentioned in a review/interview projects:

DenXon (denxon.com) 2.5% daily for lifetime

RockLandFunds (rocklandfunds.net) 105% after 7 days

EurexTrade (eurextrade.com) up to 2.9% daily

TopMoneyClub (topmoneyclub.com) 104%-108% after 1 day

ThomsonAM 0.5% for 12 days

Opulentia 2.15% for 365 days

OilFund (oifund.com) 3% for 40 days

Rich-Trade (rich-trade.net) 115% after 1 day

Asjotrade (asjotrade.com) 22% for 5 days

AccessFund (access-fund.com) 115% after 1 day

InvestElements (investelements.com) 127% after 1 day

LexiMoney (leximoney.com) 23% for 5 days

PoshCapital (poshcapital.com) 22.5% for 5 days

Alpari-trade (alpari-trade.com) 1.9% for 90 days

OMVgasIncome (omvgasincome.com) 5.7% for 24 hours

GlobalInvestClub (globalinvestclub.net) 5.2% for 24 hours

AvaIncome (avaincome.com) up to 120% after 1 day

MajorEarn (majorearn.com) 122% after 1 day

TrustManagement (trust-management.org) 1% daily for lifetime

The following programs were compared on ECJ: EurexTrade (eurextrade.com) vs. RichForexTradersClimb (rftclimb.com): Eurextrade wins in 4 categories while Rftclimb wins in 3 categories. InnoInvest vs. ExoticFx: Inno-invest wins in 5 categories while Exoticfx wins in one category only. GoldRushFund (goldrushfund.com) vs. GodWallet (godwallet.com): Goldrushfund wins in two categories whereas Godwallet wins in 3 categories.

Events. In the latest newsletters from ExoticFX, they have provided its members with new interesting topics to read and to discuss as articles from this project are always very actual. DenXon (denxon.com) states that after 15 days of existence they have good statistics and progress to stay online for long. The admin of MidasGoldFund wrote Our server was under maintenance for a short while to make some upgrades to ensure a better user experience with our website. DenXon (denxon.com) announced about the addition of a new plan: 12% daily for 12 days with no principal returned / $50 (pure profit is 44%). Over 100 members joined RockLandFunds (rocklandfunds.net) in first 48 hours. HighwayProfit (highwayprofit.com) is more than 200 days online.

Problems. ExtraIncome (exincome.com) and OilCapital (oil-capital.com) went offline cause of extensive DDos-attacks Dragonara.net is encountering some issues at the moment. They are doing their best to solve the issue as soon as possible. Our website will be back online within some hours from now. Your patience is highly expected during this time. Alert Pay had asked WallStreetCompany (wallstreetcompany.net) to provide them with some documents, which was already done. As for now the program is waiting for further moves from AlertPay. Almost $60,000 were stolen from Liberty Reserve account of InvestPlatforms (investplatforms.com). Now they are trying to get with this situation by contacting the administration of LR, await for a news from the program.

Be careful. A recently collapsed project ProfiTaste (profitaste.com) is trying to fool its clients, we recommend not to send them anything or do what they ask. SafeDepositary (safedepositary.com) warned its members about a blackmailer who was asking to send account information. In any case do not provide this scammer with any information!

Closures. Straitontrade (straitontrade.com) has stopped paying while keeps on sending scam mails.

HYIP blogs. Should you start investing in HYIP like me? - HBIs author tells us his main reasons to choose exactly such online money making opportunity as the HYIP industry (hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2011/03/15/should-you-start-investing-in-hyip-like-me/)

Agents reports (about). One of our agents has reported about false mails on behalf of administration of Liberty Reserve. In these mails you may read about an investment opportunity which is running temporary, offering GET 150% RETURN IN 7 DAYS! Stay away, cause they havent been sent by the Liberty Reserve team.

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