Updated: 03/21/2011 13:43
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The news section of Inno-Invest ( has been just recently updated announcing great news for all Russian speaking investors. From now on they can use the website in their native language. I’m sure you know about our network of HYIPNews agents who cooperate with us. Well, one of them is a Russian speaker so we asked him to visit and evaluate the translation. He informed that there aren’t any mistakes and texts are in pure Russian. Besides, you can also use support service in Russian which was informed in the latest newsletter from Inno-Invest:

“Now you can also appeal to support in Russian - by a contact form, Live chat or by phone. The phone number of the Russian speaking support is +15126000501.”

I believe that the availability of different languages is not a major advantage for a HYIP and there are much more important features that can be added. However, any addition is great because it shows that the project is alive and the administration of it is trying to make it better and easier to use. By the way, they have made another improvement earlier. It is now possible to receive news of Inno-Invest to your mobile phone. An sms authentication has been also implemented.

By the way, if you wish to join the program, you can do that with just $1. There are five stages at 0-30 calendar days with 1.8% daily and 100% withdrawal fee; 31-80 days with 2% daily and 75% fee; 81-150 days with 2.2% daily and 50% fee; 151-250 days with 2.4% daily and 25% fee; 250+ with 2.6% daily and 0% fee. If you want to find out more about Inno-Invest, read our Review of this project.

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