Updated: 03/21/2011 13:47
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A regular newsletter from Agromatica ( has been received. First of all, the admin of the program gives some advices on saving money:

“I would like to remind to members which have AlertPay or SolidTrustPay deposits you can save money on fees. It's easy. I recommend you to withdraw profits on weekly basis. In this case all requests will be processed as one request (for each deposit) and you'll save money on payment processor fee.”

He informs that there are 430 members in the program now and the number of them is growing slowly but surely. By the way, in one of our previous news about Agromatica we informed that the admin announced a poll with two questions: 1. You had opened an account and deposited. What was the most attractive for you? 2. You had opened an account, but not deposited yet, why? (read this news here). Well, according to results most members chose Agromatica because of its reasonable deposit plans. The second question was not as popular as the first one and most investors answered “Other”, therefore it is not clear why they are not making a deposit.

The admin also reminds that the special offer is still waiting for you in your account. For those who don't know, Agromatica has made an offer to program's members. You can make money by supporting this project. 1 vote on monitor = $0.05, 1 post on forum = $0.15. You must have a deposit and vote on a forums and monitors which are listed on “Ratings” page. You have to use only truthful information about payments. Every post or vote must include the following information: Agromatica account ID, payment amount, payment date and the payment batch number. Posts or votes without this information are not allowed. You have to send your Agromatica account ID and the list of your posts and votes to (or submit through the support page) in order to get cash bonus directly to your e-currency account.

Agromatica has been monitored by HYIPNews for 18 days: and has a PAYING status. It offers three investment plans: 0.5% for 15 calendar days ($19 minimum), 1% for 60 calendar days ($50 minimum), and 1.2% for 90 calendar days ($250 minimum). Your principal is returned on expiry. For more information read a Review of this program.

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