Updated: 03/22/2011 10:48
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There is another warning on the website of FxCambier (fxcambier.com) regarding spam emails (you can read about the first one here ). This time they...

There is another warning on the website of FxCambier (fxcambier.com) regarding spam emails (you can read about the first one here). This time they inform about spam emails that are sent out on behalf of FxCambier from a guy whose name is Oscar:

“WARNING! Spam Email is NOT from us! A spammer is sending emails pretending to be from us! The email is sent from a guy called Oscar and the email is from: oskarferengi@gmail.com ! Any changes to our website, will be announced in our website first!”

Apparently Oscar started sending out those emails because his attempts to blackmail the administration of FxCambier asking for $1,000 failed. And now he is trying to diddle online investors out of their money and to destroy the reputation of the program. You know, I’ve made an interesting observation. Just recently we informed you about the phishing emails on behalf of a popular payment processor LibertyReserve (read here). Well, if you read that news carefully, you might have also noticed that sender’s email address is the same (oskarferengi@gmail.com)!

This “Oscar” is apparently involved in lots of fraudulent affairs in HYIP field and it is strange that these scammers don’t even use different email addresses. I suppose they believe that online investors are easy to fool and there is even no need to try to change it cause no one will notice anyway. Unfortunately, they are right. If they weren’t right, those emails would just stop being sent out because they would be pointless. However, those scammers are still making money in such way and they will continue unless we stop them. To do that, all HYIP investors should understand that they have to ignore such emails. Please, help us spread all news of such kind.

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