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Hyip Monitor
The HYIP Information Survey 37 published by Nicole Berger on March 22, 2011 is given below, you can see the detailed information about HYIP industry

Reviewed period: 03/18/2011 - 03/21/2011
The review contains about 30 sources, including agents from HYIPNews.com Agency

�Just launched or mentioned in a review/interview projects:

  • EurexTrade up to 2.9% daily for lifetime
  • Osktrade (osktrade.com) 1.1% for 45 days
  • SafeDepositary 1.6% for 150 days
  • Roserlink (roserlink.com) 1.2% for 100 days
  • ProFinWave (profinwave.com) 0.9% daily for lifetime
  • UltraForex (ultraforex.org) 20% for 7 days
  • VolcanoEmpire (volcano-empire.com) 1% - 2% for 15 days
  • FinTimeInvestmentGroup (fintimeinvest.com) 0.9% for 30 days
  • GoldForex (gold-forex.info) 110% after 1 day
  • NaturalHYP (naturalhyp.com) 1% for 7 days
  • TwentyProfitsDays (twentyprofitsdays.com) 6% for 20 days
  • SiliconWalleyGroup 1.8% for 180 days
  • Exprinv (exprinv.com) 112% after 3 days
  • Money-Sack (money-sack.com) 128% after 1 day
  • PioneerFinance (pioneer-finance.com) 12% for 20 days
  • IndiaCompany (india-company.org) 6% for 20 days
  • MetroInvestmentTrust (metroinvestmenttrust.com) 120% after 1 day
  • Vorafund (vorafund.com) 24% for 5 days

The following programs were compared on ECJ: FundofProfit (fundofprofit.com) vs. OffshoreShare (offshoreshare.com): Fundofprofit wins in 3 categories whereas Offshoreshare wins in 2 categories. FirstFidelityInvest (firstfidelityinvest.com) vs. AffluenceWay (affluenceway.com): Ffi wins in 1 category only while Affluenceway wins in 2 categories.

Events. One of the industry leaders GorgonProjectInvest (gorgonprojectinvest.com) after almost three months of successful performing online published a detailed statistics for the period. The program paid to all investors after 2 cycles, over $200k in withdrawal requests with hundreds of principal re- payments, managed to attract over 3000 investors, who deposited more than $300,000. Another reasonable program Agromatica after 24 days has the result of 430 members. Meanwhile, the administration of DenXon (denxon.com) states that they have made huge profits of over $19,839 within weeks. Also the program has 3000 members after been 20 days online. ExoticFX has surpassed 1,300 members with a fund of over $500,000, the program keeps up old tradition and once again provides members with an educational text, this time it tells us about the crises of Western nations which has been predicted before. In the next newsletter, the admin pointed at some changes been made in terms of plans: We recommend you take a few moments and familiarize yourselves with these important updates by visiting here https://www.exoticfx.net/terms.php.

The admin of MidasGoldFund encourages members of the program to invest in gold: As we enter into a post-global recession where Fiat currencies are unstable and unpredictable, physical gold is once again on the forefront for investment opportunity. SparkMetals (sparkmetals.com) reported of great trading activities during the last week as Gold surged to a record high and that translated into a lot of profit. Inno-Invests (inno-invest.com) site is now available in Russian. Russian support is also available by a contact form, Live chat or by phone. Poshcapital (poshcapital.com) wants to move support center to a new level of performance, thats why the admin asks to answer several questions and send answers on support@poshcapital.com.

Good news. ImperialFund (imperialfund.net) got back online after series of DDos attacks on their server. The site was moved to more secured Dragonara server. And again CorpBayGroup had delayed pay-outs, fortunately the problem was solved just on the following day.

Problems. Soon after receiving a few investors reports telling about problems with instant pay-outs, the admin of GorgonProjectInvest (gorgonprojectinvest.com) has reacted by sending a warning letter to all members of the program: Due to a technical issue auto payments for Liberty Reserve have been temporarily turned off. All pending payments will be fulfilled in a few hours. Please be aware that auto payments are generally available at all times, but on occasions we do have to revert to manual payments. Just in a couple of hours after the warning had been sent, all the issues were fixed and instant withdrawals got back to normal.

Closures. The fastest disappointment of the last week was a collapse of two promising programs - InvestElements (investelements.com) and TopMoneyClub (topmoneyclub.com). Programs scammed just after several days of existence. Another program RockLandFunds (rocklandfunds.com) has now the scam status as it does not pay and the admin keeps silence.

E-currencies. Agromatica has recommended to save money on payment processor fee by withdrawing profits on weekly basis. This advice was given only for those who use AlertPay or SolidTrustPay. CorpBayGroup added two additional e-currencies - AlertPay and SolidTrustPay.

Bonuses and contests. SparkMetals (sparkmetals.com) now offers cash bonuses for depositing over $40. An unrealistic bonus has been promised by the admin of GainBucks (gainbucks.com) for those who intend to invest in recently added plans: Members who invest minimum $25000 or above into 30 Days plans, Mutual Fund plan and 1 Year Fixed plan will get 50% bonus on your invested fund.

Promises. In a newsletter from the admin of GorgonProjectInvest (gorgonprojectinvest.com) he promised to make investors glad and announced several upcoming updates: Coming up in the next few months we will launch the delayed language versions of the web site, an upgrade to a more powerful server for faster loading times and continued improvement of our customer support service. Meanwhile, the admin of SparkMetals (sparkmetals.com) is going to introduce the first contest which should make some extra cash bonus for investors. Yesterday the admin of InvestPlatforms (investplatforms.com) promised to pay all pending withdrawals within a day: PAYMENTS OUSTANDING TO BE PROCESSED BETWEEN MONDAY 21ST AND TUESDAY 22ND, MARCH 2011. New pleasant information from the admin of ExoticFX: I am creating new profiles in FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn and also will be adding YouTube to the line up.

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