Updated: 03/22/2011 13:09
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The website of a program called IFunds (ifunds.net) is finally available in English. Therefore from now on you can use it in two languages: Russian...

The website of a program called IFunds (i-funds.net) is finally available in English. Therefore from now on you can use it in two languages: Russian and English. Usually projects are launched in English and then translated into other languages but this time it happened the other way round and the website could not been used by most online investors. However, now it is available to everyone which will probably increase the number of investors. The administration has also made an announcement.

Firstly, now you can see the current interest rate in your account. Secondly, if you happen to accidently apply for a withdrawal, you can cancel it anytime. And thirdly, now you can make more profit in a project. All members have an opportunity to create a fixed-term deposit of any amount in their deposit accounts ($10 minimum) and receive an additional interest. If an investor disables any amount ($10 min.) for 5 days, he will get additional 0.1% to the current interest rate (at the time of deposit); for 10 days - additional 0.2%, for 20 days - 0.3%, for 30 days - 0.4%.

During this period, it is impossible to withdraw funds from a deposit. In this case, your permanent deposit balance will work as usual. If you realize that you won’t need your money for some period of time, you can create a fixed-term deposit and earn additional interest. After its expiration the funds will be returned to your deposit balance from which you can withdraw money anytime. Profit from the fixed-term deposit will be added to the balance of your profit. Increased interest rate applies only to the deposit (referral commissions on such deposits will be accrued as usual).

The administration asks all investors to contact them at [email protected] if they have any thoughts on the development of IFunds, which offers the following plans: 1-30 days paying 1% daily (10-10,000$); 30-60 days paying 1.2% daily (10-10,000$) and 60-90 days paying 1.5% daily (10-10,000$). Deposits are accepted via PerfectMoney and LibertyReserve.

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