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ExoticFx (exoticfx.net) informs that it has been online for a month now and is extremely satisfied with the results of work

ExoticFx (exoticfx.net) informs that it has been online for a month now and is extremely satisfied with the results of work. According to the administration, the overall level of participation, deposit ratios, support from members and their positions and reputation are gaining momentum:

There is no doubt we are the One-to-Watch. While some are sitting on the fence and waiting for the first Term8 payouts to be made, others are racking up huge profits. Take a look at our �Top Traders page here: https://www.exoticfx.net/top_traders.php

By the way, yesterday there were problems with mass pay system at ExoticFx which caused the troubles paying to AlertPay accounts. Therefore withdrawal requests to AP were processed later then to LibertyReserve, however a waiting period did not exceed 24 hours. This minor delay caused panic among some investors of the program who immediately started reporting about this problem. The administration of ExoticFx assures that the problem is solved and everything is okay:

Understand, we first double check all withdraw requests as a security measure. Then we make the payouts when this process is completed. While only a couple of members squirmed because of the delay, the majority realize that all good things take time and they appreciate the efforts we go to in order to ensure accuracy and security.

All investors are invited to visit an EFX Blog (http://www.exoticfx.us/blog) which is becoming more and more popular. The administration encourages you to subscribe and to read materials provided there. They also stress that this blog is not all about ExoticFx but about money in general which can be used by you if you wish to succeed:

In the months to come we will provide numerous additional ways for you to take advantage of the education we are providing by opening our own online trading platform and allowing you to create your own account and participate directly in trades on our dime. You can read more about this in a newsletter we released recently here.

ExoticFx offers eight investment plans with daily and term returns and with principal returned on expiry. Daily return plans bring 1% for 120 business days (Monday-Friday), 1.2% for 140 trading days, 1.45% for 160 business days, and 2% for 180 business days. Term return plans pay on expiry and offer 1% daily for 2 weeks (which is a total of 110% after 2 weeks), 1.28% daily for 4 weeks (125.6% total), 1.55% daily for 6 weeks (146.5% total), or 2.3% daily for 8 weeks (192% total) plans. Do not forget to visit a personal forum of ExoticFx.

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