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ExoticFX (exoticfx.net) is monitored on our site since 02232011. Online investment company founded in 2010. It is offered as an online interface or...

ExoticFX (exoticfx.net) is monitored on our site since 02-23-2011. Online investment company founded in 2010. It is offered as an online interface or portal for the online investment community and was specifically designed for the HYIP environment. Officially ExoticFX is owned by Dantex Trading Ltd. Dantex Trading Ltd. is a legal company registered in Hong Kong. Domain name registration dated on 30/12/2013 and paid till 30/12/2013

Investment Plans. To make an investment you must first become a member of ExoticFX.net. Once you have opened an account, you can make your first deposit. All deposits must be made through the Members Area. All investors must be at least minimal legal age in their country to be able to open an account. In most countries the minimal age is 18 years. Corporate clients and business enterprises must be duly incorporated and competent under applicable legislation. You may be an investor with ExoticFX regardless of the country of residence, providing this activity does not contravene your home country's legislation.

ExoticFX offers its investors 8 plans to choose from.

These are grouped into two different Categories, “Daily Return” and “Term Return”. Let's start from the Daily Return. Here we have 4 plans. Each plan differs in Maturity Period and Interest rate.

These 4 plans allow compounding, they offer an Auto-Reinvestment Option and the Principal is returned at the end of the maturity Period. All daily plans pay Monday till Friday. The return rate and maturity Period as well as minimum and maximum investment are posted within each plan description.

  • Daily 120: 1.00% 120 Trading days (m-f) min $10 max $500
  • Daily 140: 1.20% 140 trading days (m-f) min $200 max $2000
  • Daily 160: 1.45% 160 Trading days (m-f) min $500 max $ 5,000
  • Daily 180: 2.00% 180 Trading days (m-f) min $1000 max $ 5,000

The Compounding and Reinvestment percentage rates can be changed for Daily investments at any time while the investment is current. The Reinvestment percentage can be changed for Term investments at any time the investment is current.

There are also four plans which are do not allow compounding, they do offer an Auto-Reinvestment Option. Principal and interest is returned at the end of maturity Period.

  • Term2: 1.0% 2 Trading weeks(m-f) min $10 max $500
  • Term4: 1.28% 4 Trading weeks(m-f) min $200 max $2000
  • Term6: 1.55% 6 Trading weeks(m-f) min $500 max $5000
  • Term8: 2.3% 8Trading weeks(m-f) min $1000 max -unlimited-

Referral Program. The Affiliate program is an easy way to earn extra income by promoting to prospective new members. You may invite your relatives, friends, colleagues and any other persons who may be interested in our service.

You will earn commissions on the direct deposits made by those you refer who introduce outside funds. These commissions are shown within the ExoticFX member area back office. Commissions are paid directly to your available balance and may be withdrawn or reinvested. You can see your sponsor, in your back office, in the Affiliate section. Please note that you cannot change your sponsor once your account is established. Affiliate Program pays 5% referral commission on all New Money Deposits.

New Money Deposit refers to any funds that were not previously participated. Funds that are withdrawn and then redeposited will not receive a new referral commission or affiliate bonus.

You can even earn the Affiliate bonus without making any deposits in our program. Just promote your Affiliate link to others, and receive daily Affiliate profit.

The Affiliate bonus is paid into the Available Balance of the currency in which your Affiliate made a deposit.

You can withdraw your Affiliate commission as often as you want and at any time convenient for you.

No, there are no limits. Therefore, the more your Affiliates invest, the more you can earn.

We do not forbid any methods of legal advertising.

SPAM is strictly forbidden and will cause the immediate termination of your account and loss of any and all investments and or profits.

Payment Options. ExoticFX accepts the popular e-currencies: Alert Pay, Liberty Reserve, Global Digital Pay, H-D Money; as well as International Bank Wire Transfers (Coming Soon). Electronic currency is a way of instant settlements on the Internet. There are numerous electronic currencies, but we are currently accepting the most popular, convenient and reliable in our opinion. Alert pay, Liberty Reserve, Global Digital Pay and H-D Money. In other words, an electronic currency is virtual (electronic) money, which, if necessary, is easily converted into actual money. Electronic money is of the same liquidity and, as a rule, linked to such major world currencies as USD or EUR.

General Website Features.
The design is really professional. Anyway there are too many options for one program. The live chat support manager is not too friendly. The most interesting thing which I personally like is the investment plans.

Security Features. ExoticFX have in place, some of the most stringent security protocols available online to prevent any sort of malpractice / hacking / DDoS attacks or any other manipulation.

Some of the security measures they use include

  1. One-Time Keycodes : For every important procedure and transaction such as changing / resetting the password, adding / withdrawing monies, investments etc., member would need to use one of their One-Time Keycodes which are issued automatically by the server. Each Keycode can only be used once and server will automatically issue new codes as old ones expire.
  2. Full Encryption of Database: Database is fully encrypted so that even if an intruder were to obtain the physical server, they will not be able to decipher / change the database.
  3. Highly Secure Physical Server: is located in the now renowned Pionen Datacenter 'Bahnhof', which is centrally located in Stockholm some 30 meters into the bedrock below the Sofia Church. The Pionen White Mountains Datacenter is an upgraded nuclear-safe bunker that the Swedish Civil Defense used during the Cold War.
  4. Full PHP Encoding: All PHP Scripts are encoded by state of art encoding systems which convert source code to byte code and thus no source code resides on the server.
  5. Email Code Verification System: Every transaction is doubly secured by use of an email verification code which user must place into every important transaction form in order for it to succeed.
  6. Captcha System : so as to prevent remote bots from submitting forms.
  7. Virtual Keyboard: so as to bypass any key loggers on the client system.
  8. 256 bit SSL Encryption: to prevent any interception of data.
  9. Dragonara DDOS Protection: We selected the best available protection against DDoS attack (Distributed Denial of Service). We have protection from every kind of DDoS attacks including SYN Flood, DRDoS, ICMP Flood, ACK Flood, UDP Flood, Tribe Flood Network, HTTP Flood, Trinoo and many others

These are only the visible automated methods to prevent any security incident; ExoticFX also has other subtle methods in place on the backend which generate warnings and messages regarding any and all suspicious transactions or behavior.

Contact Methods. Live Chat, Support Tickets.

The Dantex Group have their offices at: Hillier Commarcial Building, 65-67 Bonham Strand East, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong 2268 6888

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