Updated: 03/24/2011 19:28
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The administration of PermanentProfit ( has updated the news section informing that they are very pleased with a successful development of the project and that it has had a paying status on all monitors for two months already. They also tell that they received a lot of feedback from the clients of the program who asked to shorten investment plans (PermanentProfit offers 1.2-3.2% for every trading day forever). Therefore they decided to make changes in their program and to introduce new investment plans:

“The good news is that we made an important decision eventually through the serious discussion with our traders.Our investment plans will be changed to 5 trading days profit period,meaning that your principle will be back to your account after 7 calendar days,you can choose to continue investing in our investment plan or take your principal back when the plan is complete.”

As you can see, PermanentProfit has turned into a short-term program offering 106-116% total profit which you will have after 7 calendar days (1.2-3.2% daily for 5 trading days). Which means that your pure profit will be 6-16% and I believe it is not bad. The previous investment offer is closed, however all clients that have invested in those plans will continue receiving profit.

Well, such changes always raise different questions and many investors see them as signs of a soon closure. However, it is not necessarily a bad thing. Some projects keep successfully developing after making such changes and they do them only to attract new clients. The offer from PermanentProfit is reasonable and let's hope it will keep operating as usual. If you want to find out more about the program, read its review published at

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