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Reviewed period: 03/22/2011 - 03/24/2011

The review contains about 30 sources, including agents from HYIPNews.com Agency

Just launched or mentioned in a review/interview projects:

  • ExoticFX 1.0% for 2 Trading weeks
  • EurexTrade (eurextrade.com) up to 2.9% daily for lifetime
  • SiliconValleyGroup 1.8% for 180 days
  • SafeDailyFund (safedailyfund.com) 1.5% for 10 days
  • Profitorium (profitorium.com) 128% after 1 day
  • OrientProfit (orientprofit.com) 2.5% for 120 days
  • BusinessVentureFunds (bvfunds.com) 2.15% for 120 days
  • Websitepublication (websitepublication.com) 1% for 150 days
  • LondonWorkersFund (lwf-trust.com) 1.5% for 160 days
  • Dubai-invest (dubai-invest.net) 2% for 100 days
  • Brilinelimited 1.5% for 45 days
  • NycYields (nycyields.com) 115% after 1 day
  • OilForexMarkets (oilforexmarkets.com) 2.2% for 15 days
  • BestProfitable (bestprofitable.com) 119.8% after 1 day
  • Peraprofit (peraprofit.com) 130% after 1 day
  • AsiaWideTrade (asiawidetrade.com) 110% after 1 day
  • QuickMoneyFinder (quickmoneyfinder.net) 8% for 13 hours
  • StableCapitalGain (stablecapitalgain.com) 1.8% for 7 days
  • ATBCorporation (atbcorporation.com) 0.8% for 35 days
  • MarriottCapital (marriottcapital.com) 5.67% for 24 hours
  • LibertyChance (libertychance.com) 28% for 4 days
  • CashingDollar (cashingdollar.com) 115% after 2 days
  • Leeddailypro (leeddailypro.com) 13% for 10 days
  • OrientProfit (orientprofit.com) 2.5% for 120 days
  • Speedfundpro (speedfundpro.com) 115% after 1 day
  • GainMasters (gainmasters.com) 5.5% for 35 days
  • BlackstoneCapital (blackstonecapital.biz) 116% after 1 day
  • Mns-invest (mns-invest.com) 102% after 1 day
  • Merdex Group 102.5% after 5 days

The following programs were compared on ECJ: ClarintonTrading (clarintontrading.com) vs. TodayProfit (todayprofit.biz): Clarintontrading wins in 4 categories while Todayprofit wins in 2 categories. FreshStartInvest (freshstartinvest.com) vs. BigMoneyEarn (bigmoneyearn.com): Freshstartinvest is a nicer investment program against its opponent since Freshstartinvest wins in 4 categories, on the other hand Bigmoneyearn wins in one category only. NeoProgress vs. PerfectEmoney (perfectemoney.com): Neoprogress wins in 2 categories while Perfectemoney wins in 2 categories too. Therefore, it is suggested that both investment programs are equal.

Events. PermanentProfit (permanentprofit.com) has changed a term of 7 day plan to 5 days but still with the principal return after 7 days. FirstMonetaryFund has jumped over 1,600 members mark. DenXon (denxon.com) in the latest newsletter asks to support the program by posting payment proofs. I-Funds has added English version of the website. NeoProgress has uploaded a pack of official documents of the company, to see them please go to “download” section.

Be careful. A clone of EurexTrade is trying to attract clients on behalf of the program, be careful “Please ALWAYS use our correct website address http://www.eurextrade.com” Also be aware of the mails coming from false address of FundOfProfit (fundofprofit.com). fundofprofit@gmail.com - in any case do not accept any offers from this address. The proved mail address of the program’s admin is admin@fundofprofit.com. A blackmailer also terrorizes the admin of FxCambier with a threat to send scam mails on behalf of the admin to all members of the program.

Problems. ThomsonAM has stopped pay-outs and the admin does not reply on mails as for now. CorpBayGroup is facing problems with pay-outs time after time. Actually withdrawals take place but with frequent delays. The status of the program often changes so we recommend to follow it as well as not to make deposits until things going right for this program. Also the administration stated that that they had disabled some monitors, exactly that was the reason of “Not Paying” status on them. A brand new program SafeDailyFund (safedailyfund.com) faced a problem: “Due to a security limit in which there was a maximum total daily withdraw limit set on our LR account from the first day, instant withdraw was delayed for about 20 minutes. This total daily withdraw limit has been removed and the error has been fixed and should not happen again. Please try again to request withdraw.”

Bonuses and contests.
I-Funds has announced about a launch of a new bonus program where you can get some extra interest depending upon term you will select: 5 days - 0.1%, 10 days – 0.2%, 20 days – 0.3%, 30 days – 0.4%. LexiMoney (leximoney.com) 3 randomly selected winners will get $100 for posting payment proofs on forums and voting on monitors. Send a link on your post to support center and participate. And one more promotion from the program is “10% for all deposits exceeding $50.”

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