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In the news called “SafeDepositary and AlertPay” published yesterday, I mentioned a program called WallStreetCompany . It has problems...

In the news called “SafeDepositary and AlertPay” published yesterday, I mentioned a program called WallStreetCompany. It has problems with AlertPay and its account was blocked on March 11 which is three weeks ago. At first the administration was optimistic and assured that the problem would be resolved within a couple of days. Then they said that it would take up to several weeks but they were still hoping for a successful resolution.

Well, as you can see three weeks have passed and there haven't been any notifications on development of the situation. Luckily the administration has recently sent out a newsletter informing about AlertPay problem. However, this news is not good. The thing is that AlertPay has refused to unblock the account of WallStreetCompany. It is announced that AP is completely removed from the list of payment options therefore deposits and withdrawals can not longer be made via this payment processor.

The administration says that unfortunately they can't refund investors who made deposits using AlertPay. The company's account is blocked and that is why they can't pay those investors:

“Please, kindly understand that we cannot refund or replace clients Alert Pay deposits to Perfect Money or Liberty Reserve deposits even with a fee. Because all Alert Pay money we had are blocked and therefore we don’t have them. We can’t pay to all investors base from our own pocket. Instead, we ask you to write tickets to Alert Pay and demand a refund from them as there are enough money blocked for refunds.”

All investors who made deposits via LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney will continue receiving profit as usual and will not have similar problems in the future because LR and PM never block accounts. Well, unfortunately such things sometimes happen. If you are thinking about making a deposit in WallStreetCompany, you should read a Review of this project published at

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