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The latest newsletter from ExoticFx ( has been received and this time it is all about the issues concerning the project and not the situation in the world. The administration starts with reporting on weekly performance informing that it was much worse than usual, however the situation is not catastrophic as it could be for any other program because ExoticFx is managed by a team of professionals who know everything about trading on Forex markets:

“Even with disastrous losses this week, our fund performance since launch is UP 243%! (Note: our Performance Chart reflects CLOSED trades only.) Since we participate in Day trades, Swing Trades and Carry Trades along with ETF’s and Metals speculation, one week of downtrend or even one month is of no real concern. Several strategies are going to be matured and closed next week which will place us in a much better position than even a 243% profit level.”

The administration also explains some general points regarding a future “Invitational Trading Account” program. They have received question from investors who did not completely understand the concept of that program. For example the following question was asked: “Why should I be interested in a personal trading account when I can earn a Guaranteed Return as things are now?”. The thing is that when this program is launched you will able to personally trade using the money of ExoticFx. This means if you are selected, you will share in the trading profits (you keep 90%) while EFX absorbs the trading losses:

“This apprenticeship educational program will teach you how to become a professional trader. You will be educated via a structured step-by-step training course combined with specialized small group training sessions conducted with our expert traders. The apprenticeship training will reinforce and reward consistent, professional trading behavior. We will make money when you make money, so suitable candidates must be prepared to undertake the training, follow the exact strategies we teach, and be prepared to dedicate sufficient time to trading.”

The second question is “What is required to be invited”. In order to participate in “Invitational Trading Account” program you must fully understand the concept of ExoticFx as it is described in all press released issued by the administration. You should also study the blog of the program and its Facebook account. Candidates must demonstrate logical decision making, diligently follow the trading rules, don't take losses personally and to be disciplined.

ExoticFx also announces a contest called “Test Your EFX IQ!” for all present and future members of the program. The contest starts at 00:01 GMT on March 28 and ends at 24:00 GMT on April 4, 2011. All you need to do is find the questions that need to be answered on the EFX Blog. Then you have to join a Private Forum at and post your answers in the Contest thread (do not forget to include your EFX number in the post). Then you should report on the work done in live chat. The 7 winners who give the right answers first, will receive cash prizes available for withdrawal: first prize is a $100 EFX account, second prize is a $50 EFX account and there will be five third prizes of $10 EFX accounts. The winners will be announced on April 6 on the blog.

P.S. The general information about program can be found in a Review published at

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