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Today we will talk about Welton Trust company , which is monitoring on our site since 03112011. Welton group has been formed with a vision of...

Today we will talk about Welton Trust company, which is monitoring on our site since 03-11-2011. Welton group has been formed with a vision of providing a range of high quality financial services to non-professional investors worldwide. Company founders have been participating in offshore private placement programs since two decades, and acquired necessary knowledge and expertise in this field.

Entrance level in private programs is quite high for an average investor. Usually trading firms and banks accept private investments of $5,000,000 and above, which makes these programs accessible only to qualified investors. In order to allow more people to participate in these programs managers of Welton Trust have formed several investment pools with a low entry limit. The funds from all members are pooled together and distributed between several private placement projects with different level of profitability and risk, which diversifies pooled investments and provide for sustainable returns of 15-25% monthly.

Weltontrust.com is a project of Welton Sale Inc, certificate of incorporation of which is presented below. http://weltontrust.com/images/welton.JPG

The interest rate is credited according to your total investment, so if your total investment reaches the next level your interest rate will be changed accordingly.

The summary of our investment offers looks as follows:

Investment Plans Summary

Total Investment, USD Daily Interest rate, % Maturity Term Deposit Cancellation
10-999 1.0 Unlimited Yes
1000-4999 1.1 Unlimited Yes
5000-24999 1.2 Unlimited Yes
25000+ 1.35 Unlimited Yes

Profits start being credited to your account the next day you make the deposit. The exact interest rate depends on your investment amount. You can withdraw your profits from your balance any time you wish.

All our plans are unlimited in time. You can cancel your investment and withdraw your principal investment any time you like.

You can reinvest your profits from your balance, increasing your invested funds and profits. If the total invested amount reaches the minimum for the next investment level your payment plan will be upgraded.

Welton Trust
has two-tier partner program which allows you to profit not only from your direct referrals but also from the second level referrals (members which were directed to our program by your referrals). Default referral bonus is 5% for first-level referrals and 3% for the second level. It can be increased based on the performance. In order to participate in our promotional program you should get your individual referral link in our member area and start promoting it both online (social networks, blogs...) and offline (your relatives and friends)

Affiliate bonus depends on the total investment made by direct and second-tier referrals. The basic rates are 5% of investment made by your direct referrals and 3% of second-tier investment.

If the total invested amount by all your referrals exceeds $25,000 you receive 8% for direct referrals investments and 5% of the deposits made by the second-tier referrals.

By diversification between several offshore private programs Welton Trust achieve very low risk levels. The company is also provides all the necessary documents and paperwork which secures your investment.

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