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As you already know, ReProFinance (, a program that offers 0.81.5% for 90 business days and 0.91.9% for 180 business days with...

As you already know, ReProFinance (, a program that offers 0.8-1.5% for 90 business days and 0.9-1.9% for 180 business days with principal returned on expiry, announced an Investor of the Month program, according to which one of the members with at least $100 (or 100 Euro) deposit can win $1,000 price once a month. A winner is chosen randomly by program's software every 25th of each month starting from February. The first winner was announce in February (we informed about it in Good and Bad News from ReProFinance) and this time the administration has informed who the March winner is:

Investor of the Month (March 2011) is announced. Our software randomly chosen Mrs. Helen Berg from Switzerland (Login ID: F05908), and she has become the winner this month. She has directly received the 1000 USD to his account, our congratulations and Investor of the Month Certificate mailed to her mailing address. Our team sincerely congratulates one of our most active investors."

However, this is not all news from ReproFinance. If you have been keeping track of development of this program, you are aware of the fact that it has been changed and improved a lot since the day of launch, which is 300 days ago. It has added more payment options, a telephone support, changed the design and the most wonderful thing is that it keeps developing. This time the administration of the program has announced the launch of a regional representatives program. Now every member of ReProFinance can start earning more profit with the program.

By becoming a regional representative you can receive higher affiliate percentage and/or monthly salary for promoting ReProFinance investment company. You can work part-time or full time and your profit will depend solely on you. If you wish to participate, you should check the regional representative section on the website for more information. Note, that in order to become a representative you must have an active deposit of $100 and more. You can also find a PDF brochure at, in which you will find out about main financial activities and goals of the program.

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