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In its latest newsletter, ExoticFx (exoticfx.net) informs that they have received great feedback from investors who got interested in the recently...

In its latest newsletter, ExoticFx (exoticfx.net) informs that they have received great feedback from investors who got interested in the recently announced Forex Training and Invitational Apprenticeship Training Program. Many investors are signing up on EFX Blog these days in order to keep track of everything happening with the project. The administration is very happy with this fact. They also say that many people follow them on Twitter and Facebook, asking questions and expressing their interest. Well, ExoticFx is without a doubt the most active HYIP and they use all ways of communication with their clients which we find really great.

They also recommend all investors who are still skeptical and treat the program as a usual HYIP that is not engaged in real business to simply subscribe to the blog so that they could be up-to-the-minute informed of what the administration is doing and where the project is developing. It is again reminded about the launch of a training program which should make all participant fully financially independent within 12-18 months.

“We are talking about teaching you to become Financially Free by creating an entrepreneurship in the Fantastically Profitable Forex Market. And you will be able to do this WITHOUT RISKING ANYTHING. NOTHING! Except a very small amount of your time.”

They promise that they will teach you how to make a lot of money by spending 30 minutes a day and only 5 days per week. This program will be launched within a couple of weeks and will start with baby steps. First they will begin by providing some basic training to those that enroll, and from there, each week additional features and benefits will be added until the Apprenticeship Program is fully ready. At first participation will be free and then at some point it will be paid.

“Once this program closes the doors to free members, we will need Mentors for those that follow thereafter. The program will have several income stream opportunities for those that assist us in establishing it and want to continue thereafter. Free training will lead to the free demo account.
The demo account will lead to a LIVE Trading Account and/or Apprenticeship Program. Both these will require ‘Mentors.’ Mentors will assist those in both the Trading Accounts and the Apprenticeship program. Mentors will receive a bonus commission from the spread fees these Traders create. Apprenticeship Program Traders (since they are heavily monitored and trade with our funds) keep up to 90% of the profits. The difference is shared with Mentors.”

If you are interested in this program, you should examine the EFX Blog for more details. I believe, it will be very difficult to do that if you haven't been keeping track of all events at Exoticfx.net all this time but even if you haven't and you really want to participate, I believe there is nothing impossible for you to do.

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