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Reviewed period: 03/29/2011 - 03/31/2011 The review contains about 30 sources including agents from HYIPNewscom Agency Just launched or mentioned in a
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Reviewed period: 03/29/2011 - 03/31/2011

The review contains about 30 sources, including agents from HYIPNews.com Agency

Just launched or mentioned in a review/interview projects:

  • BusinessVentureFunds (bvfunds.com) 2.15% for 120 days
  • OilCapital (oil-capital.com) 3% for 50 days
  • BrilineLimited 1.5% for 45 days
  • EliteProfitableClub (eliteproficlub.com) 110% after 1 day
  • GoldProfitInv (goldprofitinv.com) 108% after 8 hours
  • Promexinvest (promexinvest.com) 125% after 1 day
  • BetterProfit (betterprofit.net) 6.1% for 24 hours
  • NavMoney (nav-money.com) 124% after 1 day
  • Captainprofits (captainprofits.biz) 7% for 15 hours
  • ReliableFx (reliable-fx.com) 0.25% for 1 month
  • AutoGains (autogains.net) 4.4% for 24 hours
  • Earncashultimate (earncashultimate.com) 110% after 1 day
  • ArmyofInvestors (armyofinvestors.com) 1.25% for 15 days
  • Glocom (globalcommerce.biz) 102.4% after 4 days
  • MogaRex (mogarex.com) 112% after 1 day
  • ForFinanceFree (forfinancefree.com) 1.8% for 180 days
  • MoneyGateExperts (moneygatex.com) 0.50%-1.00% for 30 days
  • ClearProfit (clear-profit.net) 105% after 1 day
  • FirstInvestBank (firstinvestbank.com) 0.9% for 90 days
  • RebelFund (rebelfunds.net) 2.1% for 50 days
  • PanamaMoney (panama-money.com) 5% for 21 hours

The following programs were compared on ECJ: YourInstantProfit (your-instant-profit.com) vs. DollarHome (dollarhome.biz): Your-instant-profit wins in 1 category while Dollarhome wins in 2 categories which is not so impressive. AllAsiaMulticash (allasiamulticash.com) vs. Pharma1aCapital (pharma-1a-capital.com): Amc wins in 3 categories whereas Pharma wins in 2 categories. Anfx (anfx.net) vs. EarnProfits (earn-profits.com): Anfx wins in 2 categories while Earn-profits wins in 1 category only.

Events. After 20 days online SparkMetals (sparkmetals.com) introduced a special package plan offering 140% after 14 days for $50 as the minimum amount to be invested. The withdrawal can only be made with a single pay-out on expiry. ReProFinance celebrated its 300 days in the industry and released a PDF brochure about the company: In this brochure you can learn about our main financial activities and goals. ExoticFX during this week has customized interface of the members area, we recommend to read Members Newsletter from 3.28.2011 to get acquainted with changes made if youre a part of the project. Here, we provide you with some cuts from the official newsletter: ...all the charts displayed in the Member Area regarding your account have been changed to sort by most recent activity. No longer will you have to manually sort your Investments, Deposits, History, etc. to reflect the most current activity... when you go to your ˜Account page you will notice a ˜hint that informs you to first ADD an ecurrency account to your Member Area in order to Deposit or Withdraw... In the ˜Overview and ˜Affiliates sections, we have also added additional banners to the banners page for those that want to change things up or begin utilizing the banners for affiliate marketing...We have also made many other database processing improvements which will be reflected in the speed of the site.

Also ExoticFX invites you to read about the parallel and inverse analysis of the major and exotic currency pairs by following the link: http://www.exoticfx.us/blog/2011/03/28/always-overlooked-parallel-and-inverse-analysis/ The admin of ImperialFund (imperialfund.net) changed the re-investment rate: ...from April 01, 2011 the maximum re-investment percent is 50% according to the Imperial investment plan. This change is connected with optimization of our inner transfers and investors need of withdrawal of even the smallest part of the accrued daily percent. BrilineLimited exceeded 100 users after one week online. SimFunds (simfunds.biz) is now monitored by a number of well-known monitors. Inno-Invest added transaction history to History section. Safedailyfund (safedailyfund.com) was successfully protected by Dragonara while it was DDos-attacked. FirstInvestBank (firstinvestbank.com) redesigned investment plans to make them even more profitable and equipped each plan with an adjustable compound rate. Also the program has released a new, better profit calculator and since now you can view detailed information about your investments and see the profit payouts for your investment.

Be careful. InstantFXcash (instantfxcash.com) has pending pay-outs for more than a couple of days, monitors also prove that fact, though it has been online for 2 days only, do not invest in this project. Profitorium (profitorium.com) also stopped paying, though many monitors showed paying status instead of problem. The members of Denxon (denxon.com) were blackmailed by some spammer who wrote that the program was closed. This information was immediately denied by the admin who told to verify the official address of the company - denxoncorporation@gmail.com.

Good News. Despite promises to disable AlertPay for a period of time, it did not last for long, the admin of SafeDepositary wrote in a newsletter: AlertPay accounts. Instant withdrawals to AlertPay are enabled again.

Problems. The admin of Denxon (denxon.com) blamed SolidTrustPay in problems with charging STP-accounts and asked investors not to panic and wait until all issues would be fixed (by the time the Survey was finished the problem seemed to be solved).

Closures. A short-term Leximoney (leximoney.com) stopped pay-outs soon after it had been launched.

E-currencies. ImperialFund (imperialfund.net) added AlertPay as the fourth payment processor: ...we added AlertPay payment system. Now working with thus payment system, many investors can invest their money without commission interest. AlertPay refused to unblock an account of WallStreetCompany with the investors money, so as it was stated, they would not be able to pay them back. So now the program has decided to totally refuse this payment processor. The admin of WallStreetCompany also offered to all AlertPay investors to... Because all Alert Pay money we had are blocked and therefore we dont have them. We cant pay to all investors base from our own pocket. Instead, we ask you to write tickets to Alert Pay and demand a refund from them as there are enough money blocked for refunds.

Promises. InvestPlatforms (investplatforms.com) promised to resume pay-outs from Monday, 28th March, 2011and to change current management team to more qualified one: We are going through a handover process and our board has decided to let another team take over the management with effect from 1st of April. ImperialFund (imperialfund.net) promises that soon the site will be available on two more additional languages, which are German and French.

HYIP Agents (about). One of our agents reported about a project which at least started to pay selectively: Betlux (betlux.biz)is scamming or at least paying selectively. 2 days ago I finished my 3rd cycle and requested withdrawals. Usually always instant but after 24h waiting I sent them email and no answer. I tried 3 other withdrawals, with small import, but never received. Sent other emails and no answer.

But just in several hours after the signal had arrived, the admin sent an explanation mail. As he explained the reason why delay took place was LibertyReserve unavailability: Apologize for delay in withdraw, Now LibertyReserve is down, the reason we are having some delay. Now we need all member from ( Europa and American ) to Verify accounts.We need you send document so untill we verify your account we would not pay all pending withdarw. We must show this document to Panama ofshore. please very fast send this document to this email : betlux.biz@gmail.com

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