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Merdex Group company specializes in the investing exclusively in the hyperprofitable economic sectors: alternative energy, biotechnology, oil,...

Merdex Group company specializes in the investing exclusively in the hyper-profitable economic sectors: alternative energy, biotechnology, oil, finance, internet and natural resources. In the radius of the company's activities are also included the following activities such as speculative trading in the exchange market and the futures market. The activity of the corporation Merdex passes on the following stock exchanges: NASDAQ,Tokyo Stock Exchange, LSE, BSE, NSE. Registration date of the domain name 25/01/2011 and it is paid till 25/01/2013

Now let's talk about money earning with Merdex Group precisely! Here is the strategy:

Total R.O.I.
102.5% 119.5% 140% 220%
Investment Period
5 days
15 days 25 days 60 days
Interest rate
0.5% daily
1.3% daily 1.6% daily 2% daily
Principal returned
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Minimum deposit
10$ 31$ 201$ 1001$
Maximum deposit 30$ 200$ 1000$ 3000$

As you may see the principal is returned in all Plans and what is more important ROI looks really promising! Also I have notice that the maximum investment sum is $3000. Let's hope that this is to the good.
Anyway you have to remember that you are not allowed to use more than one account on the website of Merdex Group.

The site has investment calculator on the home page, so you can calculate you income without a problem.

The e-currencies you may chose to invest in Merdex Group are LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney on our website.

Once completing your personal account registration at website you get into a user personal cabinet. You can find all current information about your account and balance there. You may also make a deposit for an investment plan that is suitable for you or withdraw money from your balance. You can check the last financial activities with your account in the Financial history section.

Merdex Group
protecting customers' accounts well by using encryption of data. But you must remember that the major vulnerability can always come from the personal computers of the users of our system. That's why we strongly recommend protecting your computer by installing the appropriate software (antivirus, firewall, etc.).

Company provides an opportunity to all participants to earn extra money by bringing their friends or acquaintances. For every user you may get 7% referral fees from their deposit. But remember, this bonus applies only to accounts of users, who already had at least one active deposit. It means that the referral bonus is added only if your referral made a deposit through the payment system.

Company doesn't have a physical address due to the specific direction of the work. Merdex is an internet-based company. Talking about licenses, why to pay taxes for nothing? So there is no need in both. Anyway, there is a phone number:+35635500335 and a mail:

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