Updated: 04/05/2011 11:28
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The program FxOpportunity (fxopportunity.com) is one of those that can be found in our scamlist. It stopped paying on March 6, which you can verify...

The program Fx-Opportunity (fx-opportunity.com) is one of those that can be found in our scam-list. It stopped paying on March 6, which you can verify by taking a look at our monitoring diagrams in a HYIP-list (here is the article on how to use those diagrams). The admin of this HYIP stopped paying but started sending out newsletters offering a special 10% bonus for all new deposits. He asked to do make deposits as soon as possible in order to receive a bonus (read about it in “FxOpportunity Makes no Opportunity”).

Well, admins of scam programs often make such offers when they stop paying or pay selectively hoping that some investors still don't know about the problem (I'm sure you realize that the majority of investors do not read news regularly as you do). Admins gather all money they can and disappear. However, sometimes they keep sending emails with special offers even long after they are officially called scam and have negative statuses on all monitors because they do not pay. That's exactly what the admin of Fx-Opportunity is doing. A couple of days ago we received a newsletter from this program offering to make a deposit and to receive a 10% deposit bonus. And the most “touching” part of the email is this one:

“FX Opportunity is a honest and stable paying program. We are would like to inform you that more than a month, thousands of our investors receive regular payments. We offer a risk-free investment plans. FX Opportunity is legally registered company. Make a deposit today and receive a first profit tomorrow. Welcome to FX Opportunity!”

I believe the readers of HYIPNews are smart people and would never do that, however if you are new to the industry, please note that you should never make any deposits if you haven't checked the information first. Do not think that if the website of the program is online it means that it is still operating. No! Fx-Opportunity is a scam program and is dangerous because it is online and the admin of it continues sending newsletters just like everything is okay. Do not invest in it.

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