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Reviewed period: 04/01/2011 - 04/04/2011 The review contains about 29 sources including agents from HYIPNewscom Agency Just launched or mentioned in a
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Reviewed period: 04/01/2011 - 04/04/2011

The review contains about 29 sources, including agents from HYIPNews.com Agency

Just launched or mentioned in a review/interview projects:

SquareBoxTrends (squareboxtrends.com) 1.1% for 60 days
GulfReserve (gulfreserve.com) 4% for 30 days
DreamRoi (dreamroi.com) 129% after 1 day
RebelFunds 2.1% for 50 days
MannuelCompany (mannuel.com) 105% after 1 day
Condorassetgroup (condorassetgroup.com) 0.2%-2% during 1 month
ProiInvest (profiinvest.com) 150% after a week
Angelinv (angelinv.com) 110% after a day

The following programs were compared on ECJ: OiFund (oifund.com) vs. IntDream (int-dream.com): Oifund wins in four categories whereas Int-dream wins in two categories. ExEarning (exearning.com) vs. MarriottCapital (marriottcapital.com): Exearning wins in three categories while Marriottcapital wins in one category only.

Events. After been offline for several days, the admin of DenXon (denxon.com) warned about a spammer who sent mails to projects investors with the text that the project was closed. To this occasion the admin has reminded that the only and true address of support center is denxoncorporation@gmail.com A forex training offer from ExoticFx has been incredibly met by public interested in trading currencies and among HYIPees who want to earn on forex - We are having an enormous response to our recently released news regarding the forthcoming Forex Training and Invitational Apprenticeship Training Program. Tons of current and new members have heeded the call and expressed interest. ReProFinance has added an official Twitter account of the project: http://twitter.com/reprofinance And again Liberty Reserve became the reason of money return to investors of ExtraIncome (exincome.com): We are unable to process Liberty Reserve withdrawal requests as Liberty Reserve website is currently non-functional... Due to this, we have canceled Liberty Reserve withdrawal requests, and have returned the requested funds to the account balance. But still the program left a possibility to reinvest LR funds: If you would like to re-invest from your account balance, please go to the Make Deposit section in your account, select the plan, enter the amount, and select the option Spend funds from Account Balance Liberty Reserve.

The similar move was made by the admin of OilCapital (oil-capital.com) who canceled pending withdrawal requests: ...we have canceled all pending Liberty Reserve withdrawal requests, and moved the funds back to the account balances of the respective clients, We kindly request you to request for your Liberty Reserve withdrawals, after the website of Liberty Reserve becomes available again. Instead the admin of Agromatica examined members patience: The LibertyReserve payout queue still on hold due to LibertyReserve outage. Please, be patient and dont worry. The queue will be restarted as soon as LibertyReserve back to full operational.

The admin of BusinessVentureFunds (bvfunds.com) also assured his investors that all LR requests would be completed as soon as the payment processor appears online: we can not process withdraws in Liberty Reserve until they fix their site. SiliconValleyGroup also cares about clients nerves: All pending transaction are cancelled for the time being. You will need to login and withdraw your profit again. In the newsletter from the admin of SafeDepositary he wrote that three of his traders had received a starting capital of $500,000, also told about the published report of the most successful trader, mentioned that they were planing to increase the volume on forex market, though their main field of investing was stock market and sure thing did not forget to touch the problem of the week in the industry: Liberty Reserve website is still offline so we cant process withdrawals all the day starting from 06.00 EST. Hopefully the issue will be fixed and of course all pending withdrawals will be processed right away as soon as Liberty Reserve is back online.

GainBucks (gainbucks.com) and ViscoCorp (viscocorp.com), projects which are highly interrelated with LR payment processor, had written a couple of lines to keep their clients calm. The brand new GulfReserve (gulfreserve.com) during the first days online installed live chat system and either warned its members about unavailability of LR in the debut newsletter. The training program from ExoticFX which is called Forex Trading Apprenticeship Program shall be launched just in a few days.

Tidings of great joy for GorgonProjectInvest (gorgonprojectinvest.com) came from the US giant company Chevron who approved an expansion of the Gorgon gas project within 2 years which should foster its developing in the long run: This is great news for our investment strategy as Chevron are the main shareholders of the entire project and this will boost our investments with feeder companies as this means the project that was due to start production of LNG in 2014 will now expand and mean more construction, more property demand and more employment. The admin of OilCapital (oil-capital.com) states that investors have so much trust in his child that they deposit such sums as $10,000 - $15,000 and even $48,000. SparkMetals (sparkmetals.com) trading activity was hit by LR downtime: Our trading this weekend as been very minimal, this is due to the downtime of liberty reserve payment processor because most of our trading are done via liberty reserve.

Good News. A newbie program SafeDailyFund (safedailyfund.com) which is online for a bit more than a week has coped with a DDos attack using active safeguards which program possesses ¦ despite the recent attempted DDoS attack. We were able to respond to the attack with swift action and mitigate it within a few hours. I would like to thank our technical team for a well done job. It might be so that the downtime influenced SafeDepositary cause the program was not paying for a couple of days, but then returned to normal paying mode.

Problems. Seems like three programs in a row are sick and tired to pay to its investors and simply have come to a decision to stop paying and not to reply on mails - the newbie Profitorium (profitorium.com), AssetManagement (safeasset.com) and ForexTradingTeam (forextradingteam.net). InvestPlatforms (investplatforms.com), no pay-outs for several days, only poor promises in reply, time to place the program into the swindler group soon. Develop-pioneers (develop-pioneers.com) charitably stopped to discharge liabilities and gave up paying to its investors.

Closures. The downtime of Liberty Reserve badly affected a few short-terms which also stopped pay-outs, but might still accept deposits, among them - BestProfitInv (bestprofitinv.com), BankOfPanama (bank-of-panama.com) and FundOfProfit (fundofprofit.com). The possibility of programs recovery after the LR hit is miserable.

E-currencies. Liberty Reserve is back on track but still not at full capacity, the blog of the payment processor explains such a long downtime by purely technical issues: We anticipate to finish up the configuration before the end of the weekend. Please note that once system is back up you may experience slight delays in accessing our system due to increased traffic. Must say that this problem was #1 for the industry on the last week and was highlighted by many huge projects, who sent separate newsletters concerning it, among them Agromatica, SafeDepositary, GorgonProjectInvest (gorgonprojectinvest.com), EarnoSphere, MidasGoldFund, UnicornInv, PermanentProfit Solid Trust Pay has also solved its problems abd so after FEES FREE FRIDAY on April 1, the site was back to normal heres what the admin of DenXon (denxon.com) wrote: Solidtrustpay now online and all previous STP pending payout has been completed. The lucky newbie project DreamRoi (dreamroi.com) added acceptance of Liberty Reserve payment processor soon after it was back online, so the program had not been effected by any trouble.

Promises. A Daily cash contest was announced by the admin of SafeDailyFund (safedailyfund.com), the conditions would be informed a bit later. FondosMayores (fondosmayores.net) promises to rise the minimum amount and states that currently their team is actively working to create a redeposit solution which is absent as for now. Also in the newsletter the admin emphasises that soon they will delete all members without active deposits, the main goal of this clean-up is to make program private, so in the future to join it, you have to contact the administration or to get referral link from an active member. The last promise from the admin of FondosMayores (fondosmayores.net) is quoted Later in April we may need to take a week as we reorganize the back office, during this time there would be no payments made while we focus on the house cleaning. The site would remain live, and customer support would always be available to you. The winner of the referral contest on OilCapital (oil-capital.com) should be announced on Apr 5: Many of our clients put huge effort in bringing active referrals, and for grabbing the grand prize of $1000. We will be announcing the winners of the contest in another newsletter that will be sent out tomorrow.

HYIP Blogs. AlertPay is again a scam or kind of a scam? - an interesting article on ECJ which at the very beginning is built upon examples of accounts suspensions from the previous years and present times and strange practice all in all. Afterwards the author also brings several interesting details to pay attention to and in every possible way tries to rip to pieces the most popular payment processor in the industry (ecommerce-journal.com/news/46763_alertpay-again-scam-or-kind-scam).

Did you know all the facts about Liberty Reserve?... No, then read the following article on HBI and get to know about a crash of their child E-gold in 2008, which has been the real disaster for all HYIP investors. (hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2011/04/01/why-is-liberty-reserve-down-lets-panic/)

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