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HYIPNews.com (HN): Hello Mark! Please, introduce yourself to HYIPNews readers and tell us about your position in the company, your work experience and about the way of professional growth.
MGFunds.com (MGF): Hello HyipNews readers, my name is Mark Goodman and I am CEO of MGFunds, LLC. and MGFunds.com administrator.
My team are highly skilled traders with a vast experience in daily trading and I have been there along the way doing my part. I have always come up with new ideas how to make our trading process more efficient, and market our desire for excellence. Our goal is to deliver the best-in-class service, one that you can trust to remain stable & mutually profitable in the long term.

HYIPNews.com (HN): Tell us a few words about a history of establishment and development of MGFunds and your role in it.
MGFunds.com (MGF): MGFunds is a limited liability trading company, it is incorporated at: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, for tax purposes. MGFunds.com is open since 1/1/2011 as published on our website, and results so far has been better than we've expected. I oversee the site regular maintenance, examine our active portfolios, answer special requests & take large part in promoting.

HYIPNews.com (HN): We would be glad to know about a team of MGFunds. Do you work alone or do you have employees?
MGFunds.com (MGF): We employ few traders and technical analytics from around the world, some of them are close friends with a long history. We are also employing few personals for general support, processing of withdrawals, and technical maintenance of the site. Therefore, we've all the required resources to support our solid and smooth day-to-day operation for the distant future ahead.

HYIPNews.com (HN): What should investors primarily pay attention to while making their choice whether to invest in your company or not? What are the advantages of MGFunds in your opinion?
MGFunds.com (MGF): The key advantages of MGFunds are the Longevity and Security of your funds, that we are putting above everything else. Furthermore, we're offering a highly profitable trading portfolio with 3% daily interest and exclusive support, unlike any other.
Please bear in mind we manage to gain better performance than the 0.77% net daily profit, that we're offering our members. Therefore, enabling us to maintain a solid environment to withstand most of the unforeseen events that may occur tomorrow.

HYIPNews.com (HN): What does MGFunds do to make money? Is it a risk-free way of earning?
MGFunds.com (MGF): Basically, we are applying our trading algorithm in the foreign exchange market, and following our model to maintain profit.
Please see this wiki reference for more info on algorithmic trading in general: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Algorithmic_trading
We have a solid guideline, that we follow to control most of the unwanted events, please see here: http://mgfunds.com/model As you can see in the model, we would not hesitate to eliminate an unprofitable sectors in our trading model to maintain profit.
However, in the event of any unprofitable sector, we will always prioritize to try and restore our members funds prior to our own.

HYIPNews.com (HN): It is not a secret that HYIP field is full of risks for investors.
How do you ensure financial stability and security of your system?
Tell us about your hosting provider, a script and an SSL encryption.

MGFunds.com (MGF): As with any other investment field there are always risks, but we try to factor all them in our trading model mentioned before.
However, we are not promising unrealistic returns, our strategy can generate this profit effectively and maintain funds security.
Furthermore, our members' investments security is insured by AlphaSSL and high level of DDOS protection from BlackLotus.

HYIPNews.com (HN): Tell us about your investment offer. How many plans do you offer?
What is the offered interest and required deposit amount?
What are other important terms for investors to be aware of?

MGFunds.com (MGF): We are offering a single plan: 3% daily interest for investment period of 45 calendar days, so total of 135% ROI in that period.
However, you can always choose to compound (re-invest) your earnings, to increase your total profit far beyond 135% monthly. The re-invest feature will be available in the invest page when the member's account balance has reach our minimum to invest. Our current minimum / maximum to invest per member is $30 / $30,000 and it's subject to change in the future as we evolve. Investors should recognize our plan was design for a solid income in the long term, and thous offers more financial stability.

* Furthermore, we have a very lucrative affiliate program for the webmasters, we are offering instant 5% referral commission.

HYIPNews.com (HN): Which payment processors are you dealing with? Why did you choose these options and are you going to add more in the nearest future?
MGFunds.com (MGF): We are currently accepting: Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, Alert Pay, Solid Trust Pay, and Global Digital Pay upon request.
We chose those because they are commonly used and offer our members a better privacy and security making payments online. Also, in the future we are planning to integrate an international wire form that will be provided by a 3rd party, and more e-currencies.

HYIPNews.com (HN): How can investors contact you? Which contact information do you provide? Is there a support department at MGFunds?
MGFunds.com (MGF): Yes, we do have a support department and a very efficient one at that, our contact options and information is available in here: http://mgfunds.com/support Please feel free to contact us at anytime, to experience our exceptional service and response time.

HYIPNews.com (HN): What are the most common questions and problems that investors have?
Would you like to answer them here so that investors dont contact you regarding these matters in the future?

MGFunds.com (MGF): There isn't any particular repeating question, in fact, most of the questions and / or requests tickets we receive are unique.
We are trying to best suit our answers to every individual in question, approaching each and every member needs personally.

HYIPNews.com (HN): What are your business plans for the future? Are you going to make any changes or additions in your project?
MGFunds.com (MGF): We're always thinking of new ways to improve our site features and we're working relentlessly to provide the best service.

HYIPNews.com (HN): What are your promotional strategies?
MGFunds.com (MGF): Our marketing decisions are based on various objective aspects & proven methods, which I can not disclose at this time. However, I can tell you there are unlimited options out there and we prefer to take things slowly and with confidence in mind.

HYIPNews.com (HN): Would you like to share any of your thoughts on current situation in HYIP industry? What is its future in your opinion?
MGFunds.com (MGF): In my personal opinion, the industry is stronger then ever before, and holds a great potential for veteran & newbies a like.
The industry has always been present and will stay here for as long as there's demand for great opportunities to earn online.

HYIPNews.com (HN): The last question is open. You can say anything you want our readers to know.
MGFunds.com (MGF): I want your readers to bear in mind one very important fact, we have build MGFunds with one purpose in mind, longevity!

* For additional information or answers to questions you may still have, please visit our rich F.A.Q , Plans & About us pages.
Thank you for giving me the chance to share this information with your readers, and expose this opportunity to the interested.

Mark Goodman special for HYIPNews.com

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