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The review contains about 30 sources, including agents from HYIPNews.com Agency Just launched or mentioned in a review interview projects

Reviewed period: 04/05/2011 - 04/07/2011

The review contains about 30 sources, including agents from HYIPNews.com Agency

Just launched or mentioned in a review/interview projects:

  • MGFunds 3% for 45 days
  • Primfix (primfix.com) 120% after 15 days
  • SquareBoxTrends (squareboxtrends.com) 1.1%-1.6% for 60 days
  • EarlySpeedFund (earlyspeedfund.com) 110% after 1 day
  • PrimFix (primfix.com) 120% after 15 days
  • GoldenLotusForex (fxgoldenlotus.com) 1% for 365 days
  • Nano-Inv (nano-inv.com) 0.5%-1.5% for 30 days
  • IvaStock (ivastock.com) 10% for 12 days
  • Opulentia 2.15% for 365 days
  • EarnoSphere 115% after 5 days
  • NightFunds (nightfunds.com) 5% for 3 days
  • InnovativeTrade (innovativetrade.net) 125% after 5 days
  • ProivnTree (proivntree.com) 130% after 1 day
  • WorldBankFund (worldbank-fund.com) 0.3% for 1560 hours
  • AstralInvest (astralinvest.com) 106% after 1 day
  • V-Inv (v-inv.com) 130% after 1 day
  • Unofunds (unofunds.com) 2.5% for 45 days
  • AllianceFund (alliance-fund.com) 125% after 1 day
  • Travel-Capital (travel-capital.com) 4.75% for 24 hours
  • DynamoFunds (dynamofunds.com) 1.4% for 60 days
  • InstaForexClub (instaforexclub.net) 132% after 1 day
  • SwiftMoneyGuard (swiftmoneyguard.com) 120% after 1 day

The following programs were compared on ECJ: DubaiInvest (dubai-invest.net) vs. MoneyPlatform (moneyplatform.net): Dubai-invest wins in 4 categories while MoneyPlatform wins in 5 categories. Profitorium (profitorium.com) vs. Ionlineico (Ionlineico.com): the winning results show that Profitorium and Ionlineico win in two categories each.

Events. The admin of Roserlink (roserlink.com) never minded explanations and asked investors to wait for 36 hours to withdraw: “As you understand we have 4 times as much withdrawals as we normally have to process so we are planning to complete all pending withdrawal requests within 36 business hours instead of 24 hours as usual. We hope for your understanding.” Soon after the recovery of Liberty Reserve (which has fought with technical problems for a few days), the admin of EliteAlliance (elitealliance.net) has asked investors to be patient and to wait till LR will start to work at full capacity. For those who are in hurry, the admin has offered an alternative way to withdraw by requesting the payment to be sent to Perfect Money account. Fxcambier also had a bit more than 1000 pending requests. The stream of completed Liberty Reserve withdrawal requests went through the industry. Among programs which had no problems with charging pending LR requests and informed about it, were EarnoSphere, MidasGoldFund, RebelFunds, SafeDepositary, RebelFunds, Agromatica. Two new phone lines support was introduced by DreamRoi (dreamroi.com): “We added Phone Support in 2 different languages – English and Russian. +1 (646) 4169023 (ENG) +7 (495) 648-60-00 DIAL *039 (RUS)”

After 120 days online ExtraIncome (exincome.com) did manage to achieve admirable results as for example had completed full 24 cycles for 11,600 members or like being among 10,000 most popular sites in the world according to Alexa rank. In the latest newsletter from ExoticFx the admin named a trading room features. He explained that you would be able to take part in the trading process during the forthcoming training program. Also he revealed how the educative process itself would look like: “... we will start with the most extreme basics in Video Form as well as a Free Ebook that even veteran traders will find worthy to add to their library. Once members complete the systematic Forex 101, they will move on to a more Novice and Intermediate educational structure.” Almost on the next day after addition of Russian and English 24/7 phone lines the newbie program DreamRoi (dreamroi.com) added the German one: “DreamRoi added German 24/7 Phone support. Now we have ENGLISH, RUSSIAN and GERMAN phone supports.”

MidasGoldFund is approaching 3000 active members. The support team may face some overloads in work if to continue provide help services via Internet only. Foreseen ongoing situation, the admin of the project has introduced a phone line and sms clients support: “We have added several customer service employees to solely handle client relations with the addition of phone support.” For clients willing to invest not less than $25,000 MidasGoldFund has prepared another novation: “MidasGoldFund has introduced a paper contract system for investors of $25,000 or more. Investors who are currently invested in MidasGoldFund with $25,000 and more as well as future investors will be issued a paper contract via mail.” Super-Invest (super-investment.com) introduced new lifetime plans offering daily profits: 1.5% depositing $5 - $100, 2% - $101 - $1,000, 2.5% - $1,001 - $5,000. FirstInvestBank (firstinvestbank) has got something for you too, since now you can make use of Compounding rate and a new updated Profit calculator. SafeDepositary is moving to a new office in Panama and soon they will be ready to receive clients in the new headquarter.

Problems. Denxon (denxon.com) is not paying for a few days already. As it appeared OrientProfit (orientprofit.com) has some issues with crediting accounts, if you have such, contact the administration.

Be careful. Our old friends - “three little pigs” - BestProfitInv (bestprofitinv.com), BankOfPanama (bank-of-panama.com) and FundOfProfit (fundofprofit.com) sent a similar newsletters with unrealistic investment offers as for example 333% after 1 day etc. though the programs still did not pay a pending withdrawal. In any case do not react on any admins offers. A program which is not likely to survive after LR downtime is SafeDailyFund (safedailyfund.com), it is not paying for several days already though the site is still online.

Closures. Investpanama (investpanama.biz) was just a shameful scam, in my opinion experienced investors knew it from the start. The admin of the program is not paying for a week or so. Bonuses and contests. Meanwhile, the admin of OilCapital (oil-capital.com) announced winners of the referral contest, bang on time as he had promised before: “Out of the 10 winners, 5 of them are monitors, 2 of them are bloggers, 2 of them are clients who advertised very strongly in Paid-To-Click sites, and the other is client who referred their friends and family.” A newbie program DynamoFunds (dynamofunds.com) has prepared a promotional bonuses for joining the program: “100% Deposit Bonus: For first 1-100 investors, 50% Deposit Bonus: For 101-200 investors, 10% Deposit Bonus: For 201-500 investors.” Also signing in bonuses was offered by another new comer GoldenLotusForex (fxgoldenlotus.com) - $2 sign up bonus.

E-currencies. Having not so common depositing method, a program - BusinessVentureFunds (bvfunds.com) added AlertPay as the new payment option to the existing list of processors.

Promises. After successful 3 months online, the admin of ExtraIncome (exincome.com) made a pack of ample promises: “We will be increasing our advertising campaign in the coming days, and we will also be implementing the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) feature for our website, to step up the safety of the transactions being made, to a higher level. We have many more developments coming in our way, like a Live Chat, different language integrations, and many others, and all those will be done gradually.”

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