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If you are an investor of ExoticFX ( and want to participate in Forex Trader Apprentice Program (announced here), you should know that...

If you are an investor of ExoticFX ( and want to participate in Forex Trader Apprentice Program (announced here), you should know that this program will be launched the next week. The administration has also sent out a newsletter informing that they have created a page devoted to this program and you can visit it at Right now you can't actually sign up, but you can find all general information put together there. The administration asks all visitors to give feedback and express their opinions and propositions.

If you follow the above mentioned link, you will see a video presentation of the training program, which will provide a very good understanding of how the program will be structured and what you can expect, the key points, the possibilities you'll have if you join it. There is also a gift for all members “ a free Forex trading e-book, which will teach you the following: History of Forex, How Currency Trading Works, Fundamental Analysis, The Economy's Impact on Currencies, Technical Analysis, Candlesticks, Key Indicators, Moving Averages, Swings and Trends, Trading Methodologies, Psychology and Risk, Our Strategies in Action.

Once you have gone through the first page and watched the video, if you will attempt to close the tab you will be prompted by an On-Close Event to stay on the page. Click cancel to remain and you will be able to see the balance of the information on the newly revealed page.

You are asked to provide your input in project's Traders Society Room, in Forum, on Blog or on your favorite HYI forum. And here are the questions the administration of ExoticFX is interested in getting answers to:

  1. Which is more appealing to you, the Apprentice Program, Forex Trade School or ExoticFX (hands-off approach) and why?
  2. Have you traded Forex?
  3. If yes, what strategy, indicators and platform do you prefer?
  4. What do you like best about the forthcoming FTA program, beside trading with our money?
  5. Is there any other relative input or constructive criticism that you can provide?

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