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Reviewed period: 04/08/2011 - 04/11/2011

The review contains about 30 sources, including agents from HYIPNews.com Agency

Just launched or mentioned in a review/interview projects:

  • EarnoSphere 115% after 5 days
  • IvaStock (ivastock.com) 10% for 12 days
  • JzBux (jzbux.com) $0.01 for a click per day
  • PicoProfit (picoprofit.com) 105% after a day
  • ExoticFX 1% for 120 days
  • Secure-bets (secure-bets.net) 2% for 100 days
  • BrilineLimited 1.5% for 45 days
  • GivMoney (givmoney.com) 126% after 5 days
  • YeremiMoney (yeremimoney.com) 107% after 2 days
  • SharkProfits (sharkprofits.com) 123% after 1 day
  • SRSInvest (srsinvest.org) 2% after 3 months
  • DigitalTrade (digital-trade.org) 2% for 99 days
  • AlShareefInvest (alshareefinv.com) 0.5% for 60 days
  • Integros (integros.org) 6% for 20 days
  • Usdstorm (usdstorm.com) 110% after 1 day
  • Benefit-Profit (benefit-profit.com) 4.4% for 24 hours
  • Investtcash (investtcash.com) 106% after 1 day
  • ZinEra (zinera.com) 110% after 1 day
  • BestGains (bestgains.net) 5% for 24 hours
  • Cookinvestment (cookinvestment.us) 2% for 100 days
  • Kupool (kupool.com) 128% after 1 day
  • JewelsInvest (jewelsinvest.com) 105% after 1 hour
  • Bf-Spring (bf-spring.com) 5.5% for 60 days
  • RRinok (rrinok.com) 1.1% for 21 days
  • Flexton (flexton.biz) 1.4%-2.2% for 150 days
  • Sossinvest (sossinvest.com) 2.1%-3.8% for 5 days
  • iiCo (ii-co.com) 4% for 35 days
  • RoboSuccess (robosuccess.com) 115% after 1 day
  • Riverstrong (riverstrong.com) 1.3% for lifetime
  • MeridianInvest (meridianinvest.net) 6% for 24 hours
  • XAInvestClub (xaiclub.com) 127% after 1 day
  • Nutimoney (nutimoney.com) 115% after 1 day
  • FundsForPros (fundsforpros.com) 126% after 1 day
  • MakeDepositToday 125% after 1 day
  • SolarFieldInvestment (solarfieldinvestment.com) 0.88% for 28 days
  • GainFinancial (gainfinancial.net) 104.5% after 1 day

The following programs were compared on ECJ: SmartOnlineIncome (smart-online-income.com) vs. PrettyGoodInvestment (prettygoodinvestment.com): Smart-online-income does not win in any category while Prettygoodinvestment wins in 2 categories. PInvest (pinvest.net) vs. OskTrade (osktrade.com): Pinvest is a nicer investment program against its opponent since Pinvest wins in 2 categories, on the other hand Osktrade wins in one category only.

ExoticFx has reached 2000 members in just 50 days and invites all the participants of the HYIP industry to join their training courses which will start on the next week. If you are trying to phone to Russian phone support operator on DreamRoi (dreamroi.com), its number has been changed to +3 (705) 2032401. The admin of RebelFunds has given a list of payment processors which you may also make use of to invest, except for the standard list on the site. In order to deposit via alternative method, contact the support team and they will send you an invoice: “We accept the following payment methods: Liberty Reeserve, AlertPay, Perfect Money, GlobalDigitalPay, Western Union, Money Gram, Contact, Migom, UniStream For Western Union, Money Gram, Contact, Migom, UniStream, Bank-Wire...”.

In the latest newsletter from a newbie PrimFix (primfix.com) admin has revealed previously unknown information about his program, so maybe not all of you know that for example, the script on which the program is running is the unique one or that its main activity is betting. Also the admin has asked active members who cares to send him suggestions as for the project developing, comments already left on forums will also be taken into account: “The response of the online HYIP community was what we were expecting. Some people showed belief in us and some others made some unfounded commentaries but that is alright, we realized there’s a huge amount of trash out there in the HYIP industry and that it won´t be easy to change it. We take all these commentaries, either good or bad ones, as a thermometer of what people think of us and we´ll use them to make improvements to PrimFix.” The same request was asked by the admin of Weltontrust, moreover he announced the launch of a new blog and reminded of the program for regional representatives.

AstralInvest (astrainvest.com) has surprisingly stopped paying, the admin is not responding and the site seems to be offline as for now. The same situation is happening to SparkMetals (sparkmetals.com). GorgonProjectInvest (gorgonprojectinvest.com) had faced some downtime, but was successfully back online soon. The admin of Benefit-ProfitFund (benefit-profit.com) told about attempts to hack accounts of investors and that the possibility to change purses in automatic mode was disabled: “Please take care that your passwords are at least 10 characters long, containing numbers, letters, etc.” Travel-Capital (travel-capital.com) - no payments for a couple of days already.

Closures. Clear-profit (clear-profit.net) did manage to survive for a week only. Astralinvest (astralinvest.com) is also out of the industry.

Bonuses and contests. Two referral contests were launched on Apr 08, 2011 at a go by ExtraIncome (exincome.com). Both contests will last for 1 week only and have different conditions, the prize of the first one is $1,000 and the number of winners is not limited, while one and only winner of the second contest will get $750. To win the first contest you have to make at least 10 of your referrals active or in other words, they should make a deposit. While at least 8 of them should invest not less than $500. The main target of the second contest is to involve 40 active referrals during the week. And do not even try to scam! GulfReserve (gulfreserve.com) has introduced their bonus program which is called "Claim your FREE bonus" where you are free to demand your 1% of additional bonus to your account by clicking on a button.

The admin of BusinessVentureFunds (bvfunds.com) in his latest newsletter has clarified for investors that the minimum amount which is allowed to be withdrawn if you are using AlertPay should be not less than $1. DreamRoi (dreamroi.com) added SolidTrustPay payment processor: “Now you can deposit via Alertpay, PerfectMoney, LibertyReserve and SolidTrustpay.” Condorassetgroup (condorassetgroup.com) and InstaForexClub (instaforexclub.net) have also added AlertPay as the payment option.

HYIPNews Agents.
On a recent day we received a report from one of our agents who made a complaint against ... monitor. Monitors became the target for a criticism for quite a while. And that is not surprisingly if to consider the number of mistakes and scams which they allow. But in this particular case, the conflict has happened because of RCB, which lots of monitors promise at the level of 1000% since lately. You can read more details by following the link: HYIP Forum (This link used to lead to a forum, it is no longer relevant)

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