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With representatives of Briline Limited Company (brilinelimited.com), we were communicated from the first day of our acquaintance. Which is to say from the day they were added to our catalogue. It happened 21 days ago. Since that time we have contacted them repeatedly and can confidently say that by communicating through cooperation we have the most positive experience. Let's see what happen with public speaking.

HYIPNews.com (HN): Greetings, I am sure that it is not necessary to introduce your company to our clients. Nevertheless you may introduce it in a nutshell for those who are not familiar with it.
Briline Limited (BL): Briline Limited specializes in the management of and growth of globally based diamond investments. Our focus as a company is in financial strength and experienced management. As a team we build value in the global marketplace with the ultimate goal of producing superior investment returns for our investors. Briline was established to help you build a profitable investment portfolio backed by our 18 year track record in capitalizing on market fluctuations in the diamond industry.

(HN): For what functions are you personally responsible? What is your name and how is it possible to contact you?
(BL): My name is Bradford; I am the technical service and accounts manager for Briline Limited. We offer various methods for contacting us including email, telephone, and via our online chat. For contacting me directly I recommend you send an email to technical@brilinelimited.com

(HN): Briline Limited has only one direction in the investment area?
(BL): No, we have found that to succeed in the current times you need to diversify and hedge your investment portfolio with a solid commodity, Diamonds. This is why we invest in a variety of different ways including ETFs, venture capital funds, and securities.

(HN): How did your company come to trade on diamonds market?
(BL): We started in this industry many years ago dealing with private equity firms looking to diversify their portfolios. We realized that by expanding onto the online marketplace and offering a variety of investment plans we could not only expand our business but also share our wealth of experience in diamond based investments.

(HN): How do you trade? You make deals in the commodity markets or is it just some kind of investment in production / processing? Do you get real commodity?
(BL): We trade in a variety of different methods. We have traders located worldwide that deal with our investments in the global marketplace. This includes investing in securities and ETF based funds. Briline Limited also deals with venture capital funds into diamond mining and resource sector. We are always on the constant lookout to invest in companies that are in need of venture capital to start exploration and drilling operations.

(HN): As a result, can you guarantee a certain profit. The profit which is marked in the plans of your company, is it guaranteed?
(BL): The profit is always guaranteed. We strive to run a surplus of commodities and investments to insure that all accounts will receive their daily interest payments.

(HN): What are the interest rates investors will have if they invest in your project? How often do you pay? Business days or calendar days? How soon will you pay after the withdraw request has been sent?
(BL): We have very competitive interest rates that are offered in two different plans. Our first investment plan is called Cullinan, it has a duration of 45 days at an interest rate of 1.5% daily. Our second plan is called Excelsior, with a duration of 120 days and an interest rate of 2% daily. Payments are sent to each investor at the end of each day, seven days a week. Depending on your method of withdraw it can take a few hours for e-currencies and up to 5 business days for bank wires.

(HN): If I deposit in Briline Limited today, when will I receive my first payout?
(BL): We guarantee that you will receive your first interest earnings 24 hours after your initial deposit, and every 24 hours thereafter until your investment term ends.

(HN): How to make a deposit and what e-currencies do you accept?
(BL): It’s very easy to make a deposit; all you need to do is register an account with us. Once you have opened an account login to our website and select, “Make Deposit” at the bottom of the page. Then you can select the variety of payment methods which include bank wire, Perfect Money, Alert Pay, and Liberty Reserve. Finally select your investment plan and hit send.

(HN): The next question we address too many admins. So, was it difficult for your project to survive Liberty Reserve 5 day’s downtime? In any case, after LR downtime you had to charge many pending withdrawal requests. So you ought to have some funds for emergency cases. And sure thing well enough of team resource to handle the full range of information.
(BL): As frustrating as it was to see Liberty Reserve go down for a few days, it didn’t have an impact on our business. Briline Limited is a company that survives by making a profit, and of course we always have monetary funds available for emergency cases. We insure all of our account holders by reserving funds above 20% of our current holdings and have an excellent team well trained to handle any and all situations.

(HN): What was your conclusion after the accident with LR, did you change your operating mode with this payment processor? Maybe you would like to advise something to investors on this occasion?
(BL): Liberty Reserve is one of the leading e-currency companies. Every company has had unexpected downtime and is the nature of the online marketplace. Judging by our past experiences with this processor it was just one of the rare occurrences that can happen to any online company big or small.

(HN): Have you got any HYIP managing experience? Do you know how to manage capital, how to cut risks?
(BL): I have worked in this type of investing for over several years now. We have a team of people with over 50 years of combined experience into securities and venture capital investments. As a company we work with all of our employees to vigorously manage our capital expenditures and reduce our risks on investments.

(HN): Please tell me some details on how your referral program works. As far as I can see, it consists of three levels, what right moves will allow you to make much more money?
(BL): Our referral program is designed to be flexible and rewarding to all of our investors. Our three different levels are designed so you can receive a profit from advertising our services and allowing us to expand our business with new clients. The first person you get to open an account and make a deposit in one of our investment plans you will receive 5% of their deposit. This is considered Level 1. If the person that you referred goes out and refers another client you will receive 1% of the new client’s deposit. This is our Level 2 referral plan. Our final referral plan is Level 3; if the new client goes out and invites another investor to sign up and make a deposit, you will receive an additional 0.5% of the final investor’s deposit.

(HN): How do you insure safety of confident information and keep your site's working capacity? Did you have any problems, were you DDos attacked?
(BL): Briline Limited holds are client’s privacy in the utmost respect. We make sure that all server backups are conducted on a daily basis and ensure that all of our client’s information is encrypted by 128bit SSL. We are hosted on a dedicated server that has built in DDos protection. We have had a 100% uptime since launching our website. Any problems that may arise are handled in a timely manner and account holders are kept updated through our twitter and facebook accounts.

(HN): Your site is nicely customized, but it seems like you have a simple script, is it true? What script do you make use of and why?
(BL): Simplicity is key in this overcrowded and complex marketplace. We do use a simple script that one of our designers built for us. By using a simplified script we allow for less confusion and hassle which gives users a simpler approach to the online investment experience.

(HN): Tell me please how are you going to develop your site (What are your plans for the further development?) I am very interested what changes are you planning to make on your site and in your work? In what way are you going to develop?
(BL): Our website development team has lots of new and exciting features coming for the last quarter of this year. We are also in the process of putting together more investment options to launch with the updated site later this year. Stay tuned for updates on our news, twitter, or Facebook pages.

(HN): To conclude, can you please add something from yourself? We thank you for your time and wish you profitable trades.
(BL): I would like to give a special thanks to our current investors and partners. I hope that this interview has helped the skeptical investor feel safer about our online investments and we look forward to hearing from anyone that is interested in our company. Don’t be afraid to ask questions; an educated investor is a safe investor.

Bradford special for HYIPNews.com

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