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Hyip Monitor

Reviewed period: 04/12/2011 - 04/14/2011

The review contains about 25 sources, including agents from HYIPNews.com Agency

Just launched or mentioned in a review/interview projects:

  • AutomaticEarn (automatic-earn.com) 25% for 5 days
  • SFM (smart-fast-money.com) 106% after 1 day
  • MGFunds 3% for 45 days
  • WorldWideGain (world-wide-gain.com) 105% after 1 day
  • BrantonsGroup (brantonsgroup.com) 0.25% for 150 days
  • Finbrook-Club (finbrook-club.com) 1.3% for 10 days
  • EternalGain (eternalgain.net) 136% after 1 day
  • ProfitFromInvest (profitfrominvest.com) 139% after 1 day
  • Safe-FX (safe-fx.in) 130% after 1 day
  • FundSuccess (fundsucces.com) 105% after 1 day
  • TrustMoney (trustmoney.org) 2.5% for 15 days
  • InvestPlatform (investplatform.net) 114% after 1 day
  • SystemaDeposit (systemadeposit.com) 2.3% for 130 days
  • Teravt-invest (teravt-ivest.com) 6% after 1 hour
  • AsiaFund (asiafund.biz) 1.8% for 2 weeks
  • TheBestWebIncome (thebestwebincome.com) 12% for 5 days
  • ProfitDeluxe (profitdeluxe.com) 125% after 5 days
  • TencontFund (tencontfunds.com) 0.6% for 5 days
  • ProFXPartner (profxpartner.com) 1% for 10 days
  • ETD (ettibidabo.com) up to 4% per month for 180 days
  • UniqueFinance (uniquefinance.net) 106% after 1 day
  • DandelionFinance (ddf-w.com) 0.75% after 1 day
  • Me-capital (me-capital.net) 1.4% for 300 days
  • Riverstrong (riverstrong.com) 1.3% for 180 days
  • UnitrustDirect (unitrust-direct.com) 107.1% after 10 days
  • GrainShares (grainshares.com) 1.3% for 45 days
  • Aerofunds (aerofunds.com) 20% for 10 days
  • Viainvestfund (viainvestfund.com) 4.9% for 24 hours
  • YTIgroup (ytigroup.com) 1.75% for 80 days
  • PollEarn (pollearn.com) 22% for 5 days
  • RomiTrade (romitrade.com) 115% after 1 day
  • UEFALeader (uefaleader.com) 25.5% for 5 days
  • Automatic-Earn (automatic-earn.com) 25% for 5 days
  • ExtraIncome (exincome.com) 120% after 5 days
  • GivMoney (givmoney.com) 126% after 7 days

The following programs were compared on ECJ: InvestUtopia (investutopia.com) vs. JapanOnMove (japanonmove.com): Investutopia wins in 2 categories while Japanonmove does not win in any category.

Events. As it appeared to be the recent downtime of GorgonProjectInvest (gorgonprojectinvest.com) mentioned in the last Survey was connected with previously unseen popularity of the site and an unexpected wave of new investors which incredibly increased traffic: “It’s quite overwhelming that we now have an Alexa rating of 14,151 (for 7 days) with over 4000 people registered investing more than $2 Million.” The admin of PrimFix (primfix.com) answered on a couple of most popular investors questions right in a newsletter. He told the reasons why the program pays on expiry, about the main activity and revealed some plans for the future. In the next newsletter from the program the admin has warned his investors about a possible downtime which their site may face due to some members spamming the website. At the time of writing the newsletter already three spammers accounts were deleted: “...we are editing our terms of service to reinforce how spam can affect our business, we will let you know when that is finished.” The admin of EarnoSphere asked investors to support the program on forums and monitors, to vote for it. GulfReserve (gulfreserve.com) has released an official trailer which is available on Youtube. ExoticFX promises to create a “super-highway to success” together with its members to consolidate this fact the admin has sent a press release of a program called “EFX Forex Trade School” - a free introductory course and your opportunity to learn how to trade on forex market. GoldGain (goldgain.biz) has introduced a new short-term investment plan offering 26.5%-29% daily for 4 calender days, investors should also keep in mind that there would not be such an option as to transfer your old deposit to new plan.

Chindia (chindia.bz) has absolutely rebuilt the project: new design, new plans, it is now available on three new languages, which are German, Spanish and Russian. The new plans should bring 1.4%-2.4% for 60 calendar days, interest rate depends upon an amount you wish to invest. The referral commission is raised to 7% and the authorization process has also been modified. ATBCorporation (atbcorporation.com) lowered the minimum sum to be invested from $10 to $1 only and added a new site’s language - English. After a year of existence TopEarnMoney has modified their plans for the third time already, now you may choose among daily pay-outs and pay-outs on expiry: 0.9%-1.6% (depending on the min.sum) for 315 calendar days, 107% after 10 days/$10, 125% after 30 days/$100. The admin of Roserlink (roserlink.com) has clarified several issues on how to solve problem if you can’t log-in, available options to fill-in your payment details etc. The admin of OrientProfit (orientprofit.com) also didn’t miss a chance to tell a bit about his program’s features in the latest newsletter. InstaForexClub (instaforexclub.net) reached 1,500 registered members, but not all of them filled the details correctly. Check out the site to be ascertain that you have filled everything in a right way. Opulentia released an information that some of its users were affected by a virus and as a consequence someone stole their passwords for all online accounts. Fortunately their accounts were restored and no one suffered losses, but the admin asked investors to be careful while working online and recommended to install anti-viruses.

PrimFix (primfix.com) faced a day downtime due to spam advertising methods used by one of their members. You might read some gossips in the industry’s mass media sources saying that GainBucks (gainbucks.com) is facing some problems with pay-outs. The admin explained that a couple of weeks ago hackers did manage to change numbers of LR accounts in some of members profiles. That’s why the profits have been charged to swindlers accounts. Now the staff of the program needs to spend around 2-3 weeks in order to investigate everything and only after investigation investors are promised to be charged.

Bonuses and contests. MerdexGroup has launched a promotion to attract more investors - make a deposit and get 5% bonus.

E-currencies. The admin of SquareBoxTrends (squareboxtrends.com) has informed investors that Global Digital Pay might face a few hours downtime, here is a cut from the newsletter with a quotation from the payment processor itself: “We are undergoing some scheduled maintenance. We should be back at about 05.35 GMT” so payments to anyone with GDP will not be payed until they are back up in a few hours time. Also AlertPay gave notice to users that credit card withdrawals and validation codes would be temporarily unavailable due to some temporary issues with banking partners. Await for a notice to be sent until then: “If you have initiated a withdrawal to your credit card, the withdrawal will be cancelled and the funds returned to your AlertPay balance.”

Promises. GorgonProjectInvest (gorgonprojectinvest.com) has promised to implement a new support module to make support center even better, to increase staff and introduce a ticketing system with a knowledge base and afterwards they will release an explanation on how to use the site.

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