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Opulentia.ch is a project that has been online for a certain period of time. They have some support and all the chances to gain additional confidence of investors in the future. From today's interview we can learn how they will get this confidence, what will happen to investors of the company and why should we pay attention.

HTYIPNews.com (HN): Greetings, we have received a request for an interview from a man named Daniel Beletzky. Is that you? What is your position in opulinetia.ch or, in other words, what is your role in this project?
Opulentia: I am Daniel Beletzky and I am Opulentia's CEO.

(HN): From the beginning let me notice that I remember your project because of the fact that you are paying 2.15% per day. Do you know that it is much higher than average?
Opulentia: Actually, as I noticed, a lot of programs pay a lot more, but they disappear in short time, because they are scams.

(HN): What was the reason to achieve such high return? Where do you place the capital and how do you make profit?
Opulentia: Our 2.15% is there because of the 2 great traders who work for us. As you can read on our site, the main part of our income comes from stock markets, while the rest is gained from our forex investments.

(HN): What about your legality. Can your company be brought to justice? Do you pay any taxes on your income? What is your legal address?
Opulentia: Yes, we work legally and we are registered in Switzerland. Although our address is not a secret (anyone who can check “whois” can see it), we are currently closed for visits because our current office is not suitable for that yet. As soon as we move to Zürich, to a bigger and better office, and I hope it will be soon because we are working on that, we will be open for visits.

(HN): How can we communicate with representatives of your company? Is it possible to visit your office?
Opulentia: We currently have only one employee whose job is processing withdrawals and customer service, which means we have limited resources. As I already said, thanks to the rapid growth, we are moving to Zürich soon and we will be open for visits and provide phone support. For now, it is best to contact us through forms on our site or via e-mail support@opulentia.ch

(HN): What does name of the company mean and why have you chosen such a domain name?

Opulentia: Opulentia is a Latin word that means riches, wealth, power, might, opulence, splendor. We searched for a specific word which distingushes us from the mass of other programs, while also having a nice and attractive ring to it, and I think we were successful in that.

(HN): Since your project has been around for a while, do you have any statistics and indicators that can be considered as time-tested? For example, the daily number of registrations. Or daily number of visitors. Can you share this information?

Opulentia: Unfortunatelly I cannot give you any statistics because it is a business secret. I can only say we are satisfied with the growth, and it is much better than we expected. Actually, we were pretty sure that due to the lack of trust in this industry we would not have any big investors in the first few months. We are happy that we were wrong.

(HN): You don't have a news line that is why I have an impression that during 65 days of your existence - nothing has changed. Now you have a chance to change the situation. Tell us about the development of opulentia.ch

Opulentia: You are wrong. You probably haven't noticed the news link on our site.

(HN): Recently, LibertyReserve was offline for a few days, how did your company manage with this? What are your predictions on the possible consequences for the industry of a high yield investment?
Opulentia: Except for panic among the investors, we haven't felt any problems because we don't pile up our money on LR, we keep the money on our trading accounts. When LR came online we processed all the payments. Those problems with processors influence the programs that function as ponzi schemes, but do nothing to the real investment programs. Maybe that is actually good, because after those problems you can see who is real and who is not.

(HN): Do you have some kind of backup fund in case of unforeseen circumstances?

Opulentia: Of course we have, and we are working to minimize all potential losses.

(HN): What guarantees of profits and assets return can you give your investors? Is it possible to terminate the contract and to withdraw invested money at any time? What are the penalties in this case?

Opulentia: We haven’t thought about earlier termination of the investment and withdrawal, because we haven’t experienced those requests yet. But if anyone asks for that in the future, we’ll probably approve their request.

(HN): For the great number of investors it is the first time they invest money into the high yield investment program. What advice would you give to such investors?
Opulentia: To be careful. Not to rush into a program that gives the biggest profit, because they will definitely lose their money. To keep their eyes wide open, to study…

(HN): Are you planning some kind of changes or updates in your development strategy? Perhaps you are working on improving the site or you are satisfied with things as they are?
Opulentia: We are working on updates. One of them are new processors. If everything goes according to our plan, AlertPay and SolidTrustPay should already be added by the time this gets published.

(HN): Have you noticed that DdoS attack is a common means of competition in our industry? How do you solve the problems connected with DdoS? Has your site ever been DdoS attacked? What other means of protection allow your investors not to worry about their money?

Opulentia: We haven’t experienced any attacks, but we are not afraid of DdoS attacks. We would be afraid if we used a cheap shared hosting, but as you can see we are located on a protected Black Lotus host. They are not cheap, but they provide excellent protection.

(HN): How do you protect the profit of the investors from losses? Any particular strategy, capital management or knowledge, experience?
Opulentia: Well, nothing is guaranteed, just as with any other investment opportunities,. But, when you have a smart and successful company that handles your funds your risks are derived to a minimum. Profits don't reach the sky, but your principal is safe.

(HN): What would you like to add in conclusion to our readers, your potential and current investors.

Opulentia: I wish to thank you for the space provided on your site, and I wish to thank the readers for reading, and the investors for their trust. If you have any questions that haven’t been answered in this interview, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Daniel Beletzky special for HYIPNews.com

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