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As you know, a program called 1Autopay (1autopay.com) makes monthly propositions to its investors with quite lucrative prizes. The first one was made...

As you know, a program called 1Autopay (1autopay.com) makes monthly propositions to its investors with quite lucrative prizes. The first one was made in February and was called a March Promotion (read about it here). According to its terms everyone had a chance to get 10-100% bonuses on every deposit in March (depending on the amount of a deposit) which were automatically added to investors' accounts. Moreover, the first 100 joined investors (with any deposit amounts) had a chance to win an Apple iPhone4 or cash. According to the administration of the program, the winners were randomly chosen and announced on March 31. The terms were: Gold Award (1 winner) - Wins an apple iPhone4 or $500 in cash; Silver Award (1 winner) - $300 in cash; Bronze Award (2 winners) - $100 in cash.

Today, all investors of the program have received another offer: AGAIN, it's the time for 1AUTOPAY's traditional monthly promotion. This time we're glad to bring you and other investors a promotion special plan. 170% just in 10 days , even plus with 10-20% Bonus Profits.Visit company website for learning more details about the activity.

The terms of promotion are absolutely different this time and I should say that it ranks among those we call suspicious super offers which almost always lead to a closure of a program. You are offered to make 7% daily for 10 days and get your principal back on expiry which is a total of 170% after 10 days. Payouts are made 7 days a week. However, the minimum deposit amount is way too high “ it is $500 (!). Besides that, you can even get a bonus for deposits of $1,000 and more “ 10% and $2,000 and more “ 20%. That bonus is promised to be paid together with a principal.

If you think this offer is worth a shot, then go ahead and invest but remember that you are the one who made such decision, therefore you will be the one to blame if you lose your money.

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