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Reviewed period: 04/19/2011 - 04/21/2011

The review contains about 28 sources, including agents from HYIPNews.com Agency

Just launched or mentioned in a review/interview projects:

BrilineLimited 1.5% for 45 days

BrantonsGroup (brantonsgroup.com) 0.5% for 150 days

OrientProfit (orientprofit.com) 2.5% for 120 days

TencontFunds 0.6% for 5 days

Yenmaker (yenmaker.biz) 21.2% for 5 days

CitaFund (citafund.com) 10% for 14 days

YourRisingProfit (yourisingprofit.com) 130% after 1 day

ALFGroup (alfgp.com) 124% after 1 day

Eforex-2011 (eforex-2011.com) 30% for 10 hours

PerfectProfit (perfect-profit.net) 115% after 1 day

PokaMoney (pokamoney.com) 115% after 1 day

DollarWallet (dollarwallet.net) 130% after 1 day

MGFunds 135% after 45 days

Tinybusiness (tinybusiness.net) 1.9% for 42 days

MajesticFunds (majesticfunds.com) 14.5% for 8 days

infinitefunds (infinitefunds.net) 107% after 1 day

ProfitabilityTrade (profitable-trade.com) 120% after 1 day

Forex4profits 2% for 100 days

WePay7 (wepay7.com) 7% daily for lifetime

Hipotro (hipotro.com) 28.5% for 4 days

TheSuperForex (thesuperforex.com) 109% after 1 day

YamaStock (yamastock.com) 114% after 1 day

Mindailymoney (mindailymoney.com) 20% for 6 days

Worldgam (worldgam.com) 110% after 1 day

Hyiprofits (hyiprofits.com) 55% for 2 days

AutomaticEarn (automatic-earn.com) 25% for 5 days

The following programs were compared on ECJ: SimFunds (simfunds.biz) vs. UnicornInv: Simfunds and Unicorninv win in three categories each. MedioPay (mediopay.com) vs. CarbonProfits (carbon-profits.com): Mediopay wins in 6 categories while Carbon-profits wins in 1 category only. GloriaBank (gloriabank.com) vs. MiddleEastCapital (me-capital.net): Gloriabank wins in 2 categories while Me-capital wins in 4 categories.

Events. After three weeks operating in the industry, the admin of ProfitDeluxe (profitdeluxe.com) sent out the first newsletter where he suggested where to find reviews and the reasons of the sudden downtime. IvaStock (ivastock.com) upgraded server with more security and was offline for 12 hours due to change of server. Another program been offline due to technical issues with a server was GorgonProjectInvest (gorgonprojectinvest.com). During a golden age of short-terms and upcoming anniversaries on the 26th of April, the admin of Roserlink (roserlink.com) has introduced some attractive short-term plans which will be only a temporary offer available for a week until April 26th: Extra #1 -102.5% after 1 day / $15 - $300; Extra #2 - 103% after 1 day / $300 - $2000; Extra #3 - 109% after 3 days / $15 - $300; Extra #4 - 111% after 2 days / $300 - $2000. For 27 days in the industry, JzBux (jzbux.com) managed to attract over 145,000 members and over $47,000 in deposits. Cause of the unique script the program is still facing some several bugs together with some RR issue, the admin has promised soon to fix them. ExoticFX has reached Alexa Rating of 28,316. The Spanish version of CondorAssetGroup (condorassetgroup.com) site was launched. Volcano-Empire (volcano-empire.com) has released a promo-video with the admin as the main star, it is available on Youtube now. The site of UnicornInv could be unavailable on Apr 21 2:01:00 AM Pacific Time (US & Canada) till 4/21/2011 12:35:00 AM Pacific Time (US & Canada) and Apr 22 12:01:00 AM Pacific Time (US & Canada) till 4/22/2011 12:35:00 AM Pacific Time (US & Canada).

Problems. Swiftmoneyguard (swiftmoneyguard.com) seems to have problems with pay-outs soon after they have announced a promotion. Dubai-invest (dubai-invest.net) pay-outs from this program are pending for a couple of days already, though the program has not been performing even for a month. RebelFunds seems either to have problems with pay-outs for a period of time.

Good News. GulfReserve (gulfreserve.com) faced DDos attack that's why its site was inaccessible to 20% of locations around the globe. The problems which were connected with SSL certificate had been taken by the hosting provider in order to “mitigate” an ongoing DDoS attack. Some modifies were made and bugs fixed by JzBux (jzbux.com). Banner advertising has been modified the admin states they have the cheapest banner advertising prices. They also has added a few new advertising options which offer the cheapest advertising in PTC Bux history. Speaking of the bugs the admin stated: “The bug encountered by a few people where they were receiving $0.05 ref click instead of $0.005 has been fixed notice that the Statistic chart's haven't been working, this is due Jobobalo fixing the Renting Referrals bug.”

Bonuses and contests. After three weeks online GulfReserve (gulfreserve.com) announced that the survey program ended up giving much results. All winners received $1100 in total as the survey bonuses. But still admin has left a small bonus for new comers who will create account and make the first investment. JzBux (jzbux.com) will be holding a contest in order to receive sufficient purchases of advertising credit and those spend the most money on advertising or banners receive free diamond membership for one year. BusinessVentureFunds (bvfunds.com) the program will randomly choose those who receive from 5% to 15% of bonus to their accounts from a deposit.

E-currencies. GoldInstant (gold-instant.com) and PicoProfit (picoprofit.com) had the same problems at the same time. The programs did not manage to pay instantly on LibertyReserve and AlertPay, but soon the problems were successfully solved. CondorAssetGroup (condorassetgroup.com) has added AlertPay as the new payment option. The AP account of GorgonProjectInvest (gorgonprojectinvest.com) on AlertPay has been blocked. The admin promises soon to solve the problem and asks not to worry there have been not so much funds on this account.

Promises. The admin of GorgonProjectInvest (gorgonprojectinvest.com) stated that the website would move over the next few days to corporate size servers hosted by BlockDos's sister company and guaranteed a far better service in the future: “The server is ready to be configured and secured.” The admin of GulfReserve (gulfreserve.com) noted down very reasonable suggestions from members such as having problem with fee charges while withdrawing to AlertPay, the admin promised soon to open a re-investments feature from account balances and promised to continue his promotional offers on a regular basis. the team of JzBux (jzbux.com) is working hard with diffusion studios on the new Advertising panel and on providing all ad type's with geo targeting and geo ad maps. Await for a soon report from the admin of CondorAssetGroup (condorassetgroup.com) on Apr 29.

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