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Yesterday we published the first part of SteveJ's article. Enjoy the second one :) Ah, hello again. It's me, Ivor Scammon , your old friend. I'm back...

Yesterday we published the first part of SteveJ's article. Enjoy the second one :)

Ah, hello again. It's me, Ivor Scammon, your old friend. I'm back again, only this time with a much better HYIP that I think will REALLY impress you. Actually, I''m using a different name this time because there was some dreadful scam site called FXgoldprofit that someone with

Good updates on site; Relevant news given; Excellent DDoS protection by dedicated protected servers; Many languages; Plenty of payment processor options; Original script; Good communication with monitoring sites; Named directors and support staff; Excellent testimonials from investors; Good paying status at various monitoring sites; No delays on payouts; Support tickets and emails answered personally and promptly; Fresh updates on what we are doing or planning to do always given; Original scripted FAQ page; Lots of helpful advice on how to spot scam sites; Changing and flexible investment plans made in accordance with investors wishes; 0 to 100% compounding options available; Investment calculator included to make things easy for you;

We have set up a forum in which you can not only ask us for information but also communicate with other investors as well and share your information; We have a video presentation of us and our company which you can see; Live helpline is here and working; We have included some personal information about the directors, their families etc so that you know that you are in fact dealing with real people; We have registered offices with proper addresses and photos of our offices in all the major cities; We have telephone lines open as well; Our domain name is paid for well ahead; Our investment plans are not TOO high; Referral commission is offered;

We have conducted or are planning to conduct seminars in various countries; Our site comes on screen speedily; We have a good, well thought out site layout; We provide historical information on our company; We are offering selected investors to become local representatives and we will pay you; We have a wide range of investment markets we trade in to spread the risk so that if one market is down, a balance is achieved by another market being up; You can check your account by mobile phone; Our company name is legitimately registered and official documents proving this are available; We can speak with appropriate use of technical language relevant to our field of expertise.

So no problem there eh? Oh dear, Ivor's gone again and so has his site. Whoops ! What happened there ? .......

P.S. The third part will be published tomorrow. Stay tuned :)

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