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This is the last part of the article. Read the first part and the second one, if you still haven't. SteveyJ here again folks. So, a bit of light...

This is the last part of the article. Read the first part and the second one, if you still haven't.

SteveyJ here again folks.
So, a bit of light hearted script above, but actually all meant with the utmost seriousness.

The first HYIP is obviously a scam and I would suggest that only newbies, greedies or would be taken in by such a site. Many do though, many do... hence why they keep cropping up. It's worth it !

The second HYIP is much more problematic. How on earth do you decide that this is a scam ? In fact I would suggest : You can't. ALL of the second HYIPs content is actually taken from previous scam sites that have long gone but made the effort to provide most or all of the above content and facilities.
So what do we do ? We all want to be able to trust that whoever we send our money to is not going to run off with it, yet if you can't believe HYIP number two above, then who CAN you believe ? To be honest, I don't know. If any reader has a contribution or advice they can offer to help then I think this would be most welcome.

What I can suggest, is that firstly we all ignore the first site. Certainly if an admin is trying to provide a genuine investment vehicle then I think we should all expect that the second HYIP above offers the kind of thought and input that we should wish to see.

We should be diligent in looking for warning signs and comment from monitoring sites and forum conversations or problems within the site itself. We should all be active in providing feedback to fellow investors to our mutual benefit. We should not invest money we cannot afford to lose. We should perhaps build a compounded investment pot, withdraw the original sum invested when it matures and then trade up with the remaining paper profit, withdrawing as you wish but not actually losing any real world hard earned cash if the HYIP does do a runner.

Sorry I haven't come up with the holy grail of how to KNOW which HYIPs are scams, but I do hope that the above two examples provide useful thought. I also hope that newbies reading this will avoid the temptation of the first HYIP and exercise mature caution with the second. If we read the signs and learn from others then hopefully whilst not succeeding in making profit out of EVERY investment, we can all hopefully make more profit than losses and ultimately, gain.

Best wishes.


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