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The admin of AMF Limited whose name is Tish informed about the problems at his fish farm. In one of his previous videos he was showing

The admin of AMF Limited whose name is Tish informed about the problems at his fish farm. In one of his previous videos he was showing a channel that was being built by the government to allow flood control in the area. That channel is crossing the main (and only) access road to Tish's farm and had to be built in a month. Unfortunately, it was half-build when heavy rains occurred the other day and the channel was destroyed and water is pouring out of the river. Due to this, the main access road to the farm is now cut.

This is causing big problems for Tish as he was supposed to deliver fish to customers and he is unable to do that on time. He says that it is a temporary problem which should be solved within the next two months because it all depends on how quickly the government will build the access bridge: “As far as i can understand the technical situation that means that i will most probably not be able to recover full access to the farm before 6 weeks - 8 weeks. Don't forget this means all out fish will be bigger and with the currency situation means higher returns as Ringgit is appreciating fast.”

Tish says that he is forced to freeze AMF payments for 8 weeks from now on and that they will be resumed on 1st July. “I will allow deposits as it takes 45 days and extra little to wait so it won't make huge difference. All will be paid start July 1st 2011 in total. In the mean time I will still try to clear of all principals.” As you can see, payments might stop even in programs that are engaged in real business. It is too bad that it has happened and we hope payments will be really resumed and things will go well for Tish. He still actively communicates with investors and has replied to our email within a minute today. We are waiting for fresh news from him.

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