Updated: 05/04/2011 17:47
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In one of the latest updates at MacroTrade ( it is reported that over the latest period the number of company's regional...

In one of the latest updates at MacroTrade ( it is reported that over the latest period the number of company's regional representatives all over the world increased and top-4 of the most efficient and the most active regional representatives will be awarded with money prize within a month. In case you don't know, there is a Macro Trade Global page on the website where you can find the contacts of all company's representatives (read more about t in our news “Macro Trade Global from MacroTrade”).

When I visited this page today all representatives were offline so I asked one of my friends who speaks many foreign languages to pick one representative and contact him to see if he will answer. In such way we check the efficiency of support departments in different HYIPs which you should also do. Another update informs that all new deposits via SolidTrustPay are accepted only if they are less than $100 and all the existing deposits can be refilled on max $100. Here is the explanation from the administration:

“This bordering we implement due to illiquidity of the SolidTrust Pay system and also due to banks' endless delays of withdrawals. Our investment strategy requires urgent SolidTrust Pay withdrawal on the bank transfer to brokers' accounts and as SolidTrust Pay cannot provide this kind of service we decided to restrict SolidTrust Pay deposits. Innovation won't affect profits, all existing SolidTrust Pay deposits profits remain unchanged and time is the same.”

They hope that the administration of STP will resolve the problem. However, if it is not resolved, all users will be advised to switch to another payment methods as Liberty Reserve or Bank Wire Transfer. I do not know why they don't recommend PerfectMoney, as it is one of the accepted payment processors at MacroTrade. Anyway, those were the updates from the program.

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