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Another program has recently joined the list of projects that have added payment processor AlertPay over the last week. That list has already included...

Another program has recently joined the list of projects that have added payment processor AlertPay over the last week. That list has already included EarnoSphere, NeoProgress and TencontFunds. I wonder if many investors request for AlertPay due to the recent problems with LibertyReserve which I'm sure you all are aware of. LR disappeared for too long in the end of March – the beginning of April (read about it in our news “LibertyReserve is Unavailable”). Whatever the case is, AlertPay is added by more programs than ever and this time the admin of WeltonTrust has made a decision to add it:

“Good news - starting from today we accept deposits through Alertpay.com system. This is a very attractive deposit method for many investors since one can fund his or her account in this system using a credit card.”

By the way, in one of his recent newsletters, the admin of WeltonTrust reports that his project is steadily developing with around 50 new investors joining daily. More than half of new members were referred by program's previous members, which guarantees the steady growth for the project. If you make money by referring people, keep in mind that WeltonTrust has two-tier referral program which brings stable income to many program's promoters. It allows you to make profit not only from your direct referrals but also from the second level referrals (members which were referred to the program by your referrals). Default referral bonus is 5% for the first-level referrals and 3% for the second level.

And here is what he says about the invested funds in WeltonTrust: “The total deposit amount in our pool one investment plan is around USD 7 mil now. We plan to have up to 50 million in this pool, than open to our investors a new pool with slightly different terms.” For now it offers a plan with fixed interest rates of 1-1.35% daily for an unlimited period. Interest is credited 7 days a week but payments are not processed on weekends. It is possible to withdraw your principle any time (it will take ten business days to process the return of an initial deposit). The minimum deposit amount is $10 and the maximum is unlimited. You can make a deposit via LibertyReserve, AlertPay, PerfectMoney or Bank Wire.

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