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Here is the latest news from ExoticFX . The administration announced the launch of a Quick Start Program and all members can access it from their FTA...

Here is the latest news from ExoticFX. The administration announced the launch of a Quick Start Program and all members can access it from their FTA accounts.
Here are ExoticFX Quick Start Program features:

  • Two innovative forex trading strategies that can identify huge currency moves up to 24 hours in advance: Quick Start Breakout Method and Longer-Term Swing Method
  • The two strategies use Only Two Indicators: Price and Standard Moving Average
  • Getting Started in Forex, Setting up a Demo Account and Learning the Charting Software
  • Quick Start Breakout Method (Video Tutorial) Targets 100 -200 pips per trade in 8 different markets, uses a fixed reward-risk return of 2-to-1 and trades normally last 2 -4 days
  • Swing Method (Video Tutorial): Targets 200 400 pips per trade, with a flexible reward-risk return of 2-to-1 or better and trades normally last 3 -7 days

According to the administration, you need to spend just 10 minutes a day and your account will grow as much as 30% a month with almost no risks. Forex beginners can easily apply the methods and earn money quickly. They say that average winning trades is 70% and you will get around 2 to 3 trades a week using both Breakout and Swing systems and following 8 to 10 currency pairs.

Those who register as FTA members and begin Quick Start Program, will receive a 10% deposit bonus which applies to LR deposits only. You can register for the FTA program at exoticfx.org. The administration also reports that LibertyReserve API has recently malfunctioned and they have been unsuccessful to enlist LRs assistance in correcting the error which is on their end. The API malfunction caused the double payment of withdraws to numerous members. This reduced ExoticFX's reserve funds below the level they prefer to maintain. And here is what they say on this matter:

“We are now faced with two choices
1) Close a few trades and wire transfer the funds to purchase Liberty Reserve... or
2) Offer this opportunity to our members for their benefit.
By allowing our trades to remain intact and properly mature, we will benefit as this cost will exceed 10%. So this is a win-win for us.
Since we have ample time to do both, we felt you would appreciate the opportunity to increase your profits.
This way FTA members get a Quick Start in more ways than one!”

P.S. For detailed information on ExoticFX, read its review published here.

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