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Investors who work with HYIP, know well it is very important to invest in the program as soon as possible Anyway, it is more important to invest correctly

All investors who work with HYIP, know well that it is very important to invest in the program as soon as possible. Anyway, it is more important to invest correctly. I mean to invest in the right program. One that will work long enough for you to get your deposit back and start earning.

Each investor has different criteria for determining a program quality. In order to identify successful projects. For example, you can pay attention only to the well-established program. And do not invest in newcomers. This strategy also works for programs with a history, because they have one undeniable advantage: reputation.

We often omit these projects from our field of view, but today we had the opportunity to talk specifically about HYIP with a reputation. The project is MGFunds. Mark Goodman, its manager, is constantly in touch with us and if you are interested in projects with the history, it is the best variant for now.

The term of this story is certainly not significantly impressive. Only four months. However, it is enough to estimate the changes and achievements of the project. Moreover, four-months term leave enough space ahead. That is, the project has enough capacity to work through the period required for return of your capital and profits. The percentage of return is 3% daily and 45 calendar days are enough, not only to get the initial deposit back, but also to earn a solid profit. But let us return to the project's success. Although, you'll need first to take a look at what is actually a project called MGFunds.

Thats How It Was
The backbone of the program, I mean its foundation, we have already announced in January. Since then, only important point about the withdrawal was changed. First, the minimal withdrawal was $ 15. Then it was reduced to $ 3. The rest remained in force.


Single investment plan. Which offers 3% within 45 calendar days. Your deposit will be returned with payments. And you get 35% of pure profit. Within half of a month. Impressive, isn't it? Referral program allows you to earn 5% from each deposit. And you can invest through LibertyReserve, AlertPay, SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney and GlobalDigitalPay. I am sure that such a list of options is more than enough.

Site of the program, despite its apparent simplicity, has all the necessary (and so important) protections. SSL and DDoS protection. There were no problems at all with access to the site, during whole period of its existance.

Contacts on the site are also quite diverse. Post address and Skype (for registered investors) and, of course, e-mail. But more important than the number of options for communication - their quality. Even the Live Support on the sites of many projects is �dead�. It is needless to say, that the connection with the administration of MGFunds is on a high level. It's worth a lot.

And now let's check the most interesting part. What we did not know four months ago and that for what today's reviews was created.


What Has Happened
First of all, during four months of success, the project made progress on the basis of promotion and advertising. This is primarily connected with Mark Goodman. He is personally communicating with places for promotion and managing the development of an advertising campaign. I will tell you a secret, it is not common.

In addition, it is important to note how exactly he monitors this progress. With a great care and attention. We meet with different kinds of administrators and very often they are greedy and lazy. Fears regarding the case with MGFunds are not justified. This indicates that the administrator has not mindlessly throwing money away. He spends them in wise and methodical way. He cares about how to get maximum return on minimum investment. In other words, he acts as an intelligent investor. And I think that every administrator of a successful project is a sensible investor. What kind of HYIP with a monthly history can establish itself on this side?

Now let's take a look at the places that are selected for the main advance (in fact there are many more). It is enough to mention only five of them:

  2. GIO
  4. OIG
  5. MNO

Personally for me it says a lot. Each resource can be characterized primarily as a resource, which has an original concept. And... interest in the programs, which have something to say. Indeed, over the past four months there is something to say about MGFunds:

  • Reduction of the limit (initially withdrawal limit was $15)
  • The publication of five reviews on reputable resources
  • Adding SolidTrustPay (and ability of investing using Visa and Mastercard)
  • The successful compaign on calculating of 10% to the deposit (!)
  • Publication of the interview

If you are not sutisfied, then add here one more important point, which is the result of stories above: consistency and dedication. Yes, it is the reputation of Mark Goodman Fund or MGFunds. And I'll tell you honestly, such reputation should be earned. It must be deserved. And even the publication of this review is the result of Mark Goodman's work. When have you seen projects with the good reputation after four months of work last time?

To the stretegies of experienced and successful investors affects not only the criterion of "as soon as possible." This is the initial, basic principle for those who start. Sometimes it's too late to invest even in the program that worked for a year.

The term during which program worked, provides additional information about the administrator, his policies and intentions. In the case of MGFunds this information in my view is eloquently. Of course, the administrator is making efforts in order to make it all sound eloquent. And now MGFunds makes a big effort to go to the second round of promotion, obviously trying to gain altitude before the "dry" summer. Your task is to produce a valid assessment of these exercises and in agreement with your strategy, make a decision. We are confident that MGFunds has done everything thinking about it. And not in spite of the work within four months, but thanks to this work.


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