Updated: 05/06/2011 17:23
Hyip Monitor

It is too sad but it is a fact that HYIPs do not exist forever. Some of them operate for a long time bringing profit to investors before they scam. In that case it is not so disappointing because this is just the way it is and investors should understand that. However, some programs are shut down shortly after the launch like it happened to AnoxCash. It had a normal script for a short-term HYIP, listed on a lot of monitors which means that the administration spent much money for promotion. They also bought banners at

Despite all these facts, it operated only for 8 days and automated payments stopped on May 3 not having completed the longest investment plan (12 days). Some monitors are still displaying positive statuses but most of them have already moved the project to a Not Paying status. The website is still online and if you visit it, you will see a spelling mistake on the main page. They claim to have a “Rellable support”. Well, we all see that AnoxCash turned out to be not really “Rellable” :) Be careful and do not invest in AnoxCash!

I also want to draw your attention to the program from our HYIP-list which has been recently moved to a scam-list. It is MerdexGroup. The program paid for 38 days and also did not complete its longest plan (60 days). Payments stopped on May 1, however many monitors are still displaying paying status. The administration of MerdexGroup was very active and actively promoted their project. They changed its design, regularly posted updates, ordered an interview with and then simply stopped paying. The website is still online therefore stay away from MerdexGroup!

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