Updated: 05/09/2011 11:10
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You have probably noticed that one more program was moved to a scamlist at HYIPNews. It is TencontFunds ( The admin of the program...

You have probably noticed that one more program was moved to a scam-list at HYIPNews. It is TencontFunds ( The admin of the program stopped paying us on May 4, which can be seen on the monitoring diagram (read more on how to use them in our article “About Monitoring Diagrams”). But not only he stopped paying, he also sent out a newsletter trying to steal his investors' money by asking them to create API in their LibertyReserve accounts.

The newsletter is pretty standard and informs about the problem with instant withdrawals to LibertyReserve and the way to solve this problem. The admin promises that after you create API, you will be able to withdraw your payments instantly but we know it is not true, right? We've discussed this problem million times and I'm sure that all HYIPNews readers know that they should never ever create an API because in that case they will see their empty LR wallets instead of payments from the program.

Such newsletters are sent out by dishonest admins that want not just to disappear with investors' funds but also gather as much money as possible before leaving. The website of TencontFunds is still online and the administration keeps accepting payments, therefore be careful and do not invest! The funny thing is that the subject of a newsletter is spelled with mistake “Lyberty Reserve problem”. Could he at least try to spell everything correctly?

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